Twitter CEO: Billionaire Elon Musk His massive social media firm mobilized on Sunday to go into politics. He used an abrasive attack on a lawmaker for criticizing his attack on freedom speech.

Musk Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-Calif.) “brain” In a Tweet

“Thankfully, you lose your chairmanship very soon,” Musk Saturday morning I wrote, in reference to Schiff’s position heading the House Intelligence Committee. “Your brain is too small.”

Schiff The new Republican majority will take over the House as the chair of the committee.

Musk’s tweet — which was taken down later in the day — was in response to Schiff’s tweet Friday criticizing Musk’s policies on Twitter censoring journalists whose coverage he doesn’t like, while allowing back Twitter users spreading hate.

Musk Calls himself “a” “free speech absolutist to justify turning a blind eye to hatred and bigotry on Twitter,” Schiff wrote.

Musk In a reply tweet, he insisted that the data had been deleted “false,” However, they did not provide any evidence that would contradict the online statistics.