Elon Musk A judge has been asked to assist. to move A future trial For a shareholder lawsuit in the San FranciscoHe cited concerns that the jury might have biases against him and asked for his resignation. reported earlier by CNBC. In a Friday filing, Musk Requests that the judge move the trial to West Texas due to The “local negativity” Bay Area and its environs Elon Musk and his companies, hindering fair competition trial.

“The recent local media coverage has created an environment that encourages the District’s jury pool to hold negative biases against Mr. Musk’s use of Twitter,” The filing says. “Potential jurors that hold negative opinions about Mr. Musk’s use and relationship with Twitter generally as a result of this coverage will be unable to separate this baseline bias from the facts in this case and thus be unable to impartially evaluate Musk’s conduct.”

Claim filing Musk’s mass layoffs at Twitter “have already created substantial bias” In local jurors.

The company also asserts that Musk And his San Francisco Offices are frequently subject to to Protests which are “encouraged” This was further consolidated by local politicians “prejudice” This can lead to unfair outcomes trial. If the judge does not decide, to move The trial to Texas, where Tesla’s based, Musk And his lawyers request that the trial get delayed to Please let us know what you think. “negative sentiments” surrounding Musk dissipate.