The decision to Reverse years of moderation work Twitter Effectively trashes Musk’s original promise: to Create a diverse council to make moderation decisions. Musk Later, blaming others for the idea led to a retreat from this idea. “political/social activist groups” Breaking an alleged “deal” — a claim nobody has verified and that advertisers deny. Twitter He has spent many years clipping users from for a living. the Service, and many more the It has issued bans in connection with these issues. to Terrible abuse, harassment, or misinformation.

The poll was overwhelming with 72.4% voting “yes” towards unbanning accounts from a pool slightly more than 3,000,000 votes It’s difficult to Learn more Who voted, but it’s worth remembering that Musk It took me a while to get the right results. to Stop buying Twitter Based on These claims are made by the Service was flooded with bots, inauthentic accounts.

It’s still not clear which accounts will Allowable back. Musk said accounts that have “broken the law or engaged in egregious spam” It would not be granted “amnesty”. However, it is a very high bar to be moderate in doing anything illegal since most people don’t break the Law is not just being terrible people. Even Musk Has set some minimum standards that are not broken. the law; he has spent a lot time engaging right-wing complaints. he has signaled opposition to the Idea of letting Alex Jones live with you back on His website.

However, most accounts that have been suspended can be restored. will likely have immense and widespread unintended consequences — particularly in regions where Twitter’s moderation and compliance capacities have been eviscerated By the company’s new leader.

Elon Musk began his Twitter You can reign by declaring “comedy is legal.” It seems that almost anything is possible.