Elon Musk’s X Corp. is suing the state of California over AB 587, a state bill requiring social media platforms to report to the state attorney general, semiannually, how they’re tackling moderation Certain categories of speech. The complaint alleges the bill The free speech laws of the United States and its states are violated by this. “compels companies like X Corp. to engage in speech against their will,” as they’re forced to settle on definitions for “politically-charged” Issues like racism or hate speech.

X Corp.’s complaint explains that it’s “difficult to reliably define” Other content categories include hate speech, misinformation and political interference. The document adds that they are defined. is “often fraught with political bias” because there’s no accepted consensus within the public sphere about what the terms mean. X Corp. says that in defining those things, it’s being compelled to take a position on them.

The lawsuit alleges that AB587 is Social media companies are a good idea “‘eliminate’ certain constitutionally-protected content” The state’s view is “problematic.” Governor Gavin Newsom’s office promoted it as a “nation-leading social media transparency” Measure when he signed into law last September. The laws that govern social media companies. moderation Texas and Florida have created laws that are awaiting the Supreme Court’s review.

Social media moderation isn’t a solved problem. X Tools such as automated systems, community flagging and moderation Checking facts is important. The company launched a new product this week. its Community Notes on videos allows “Top Writers” It is possible to provide context for videos that are misleading, but this could lead to further misinformation. Reddit has recently drawn criticism after it started booting longtime moderators and replaced them with potentially less critical, inexperienced ones, while Bluesky’s own moderation Manifesto acknowledged its moderation Approach could suppress fact-checking in the site.