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Developer Emergent Games It was announced today that it would launch It web3 survival MMO Resurgence on The ImmutableX platform. This new game follows people trying to get their hands on the platform. to Plan to restore the Earth after an ecological catastrophe to take advantage of the platform’s security, scaling solutions and carbon-neutral environment, say the developers.

Ian Hambleton Emergent’s CEO, said in a statement, “We spent a huge amount of time assessing options for our Blockchain partner, but ImmutableX was the standout choice. They provide all the tools and technology. Plus the support that a successful web3 games developer needs. Their razor focus on gaming makes a big difference for us and their commercial model suits our vision at Emergent Entertainment of Game First high quality AAA games, frictionless onboarding and hidden technology. We expect them to dominate Web3 gaming.”

Resurgence It is about people in cryosleep who emerge 1,000 years after human civilisation collapses to Take back the Earth. Emergent Launched an ARG as a prelude last year to ResurgenceThis is what created the characters and world. Emergent Claims to Players offered “full ownership of their in-game environment.” As such, it’s sold optional NFTs to be used for in-game assets Emergent has maintained its users don’t have to engage with NFTs if they don’t wish to.

Andrew Sorokovsky is VP Global Business Development at Immutable. “With over four centuries combined experience of building and publishing AAA games, the team at Emergent is uniquely positioned to bring a new level of quality to Web3 gaming. We’re thrilled to welcome Resurgence to the IMX ecosystem to deliver a compelling and uncompromising user experience.”

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