Julianne McElroy Finds Success With Lifespring

After her late husband contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome in 2012 and passed away five years later, Julianne McElroy mobilized her pain into a successful tech company. In 2015 she formed Lifespring, aiming to help those with health issues, mental health issues, and other stressors that plague so many people. This has been even more relevant in light of recent circumstances in our country. 

As a certified human behaviorist and single mother of four, McElroy has implemented wellness practices into her everyday life and aims to help those wanting to be healthy, to have her proprietary path using qualified information to best succeed holistically with their mind, health, and life.  Using her knowledge of natural remedies, McElroy has broadened her reach from families like hers to corporations. 

McElroy sees the traumatic experiences she’s endured not just as an emotional burden, but also as wisdom, “so that our suffering serves a greater purpose,” she explains. Her use of essential oils, aromatherapy, and other naturally-derived resources has helped her form new bonds and grow her business. She is now heavily involved in the tech industry. 

Her company partners with major developers and other tech consultants to stretch the horizons of her mission. Through this collaboration, McElroy is able to gain new business as well as generate business for the companies she advocates for. She outsources to many families who are pursuing health and well-being by guiding them through qualified education in the most supportive way possible to help them reach their desired goals. 

McElroy emphasizes how important it is for a woman to be thriving in a “very male-dominated tech space.”  She also encourages other women to join the tech field and challenge themselves to find prosperity in times of hardship. 

Read the full interview with Julianne McElroy below: 

Q. Tell me about your journey as a wife and mother who developed into an entrepreneur.

When I was a teacher, before I had children, I never dreamed I would be doing the things I am doing now!  My late husband and I planned for me to come home out of the workforce and raise and educate our children in a homeschool setting.

I homeschooled the kids and directed the board of the large local homeschool charter organization in our community.  For sixteen years, I coached other parents on their journeys to raise and homeschool their children.

As an educator and Certified Human Behaviorist, I began working with a psychological practice helping students and parents with life skills.  

Q. What was the catalyst that transformed you from teacher and Certified Human Behaviorist to entrepreneur?

The turning point for me was the tragedy that struck in 2012, as my late husband contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. He passed away five years after his diagnosis. There was no specialist for his autoimmune condition. Every time he took a synthetic medication, his mucous membranes became friable, and he melted from the inside out.  I poured over multiple research databases every night looking for answers to save his life.   

Since no one wants to discuss medication-induced illnesses, I sought out holistic practitioners with high rates of success.  Two wonderful minds mentored me as I was the caregiver to my husband, John, a finance guy. Foremost in his mind was that if he didn’t do what doctors said, we wouldn’t get the death benefits if he didn’t make it.  Knowing the focus was all on him and the exorbitant cost of medical health care, he refused the holistic program that was crucial to his healing.  As a result, without the holistic health piece, John died. 

During John’s illness, I was powering through and providing services as a health coach and wellness expert.  I internally knew the possibility that I may have become alone, a widow, to care for my four children and myself.

Q. Elaborate on your entrepreneurial journey.

I founded my own company, Lifespring, in 2015.  I reached a number of people who sought me out for qualified information about wellness principles as word got out about my studies and mentorship. It motivated me to become a Certified Coach and educate people in my proprietary path for health and well-being.   

Shortly thereafter, I amassed a network of professionals to work alongside me to coach executives and business owners, as it was my heart to help them be healthy and alleviate the stressors through which I saw my husband suffer.  It was providence that I started my company, as John died in early 2017 right after his 49th birthday. Moving forward, I do not want one executive to be under such stress that they get sick or ill. 

Q. What led you to add technology to the business portfolio?

I know what it is like to have to pick between lifesaving supplements and food for the week.  I know what it is like to watch a spouse suffer at the hands of a company that thinks of them only as an employee number. 

Because of my experience as a caregiver, then a widow, I relate to the people who have no support in a crisis, such as caregivers, anyone who loses a spouse or has a great loss in their family.  When the family is absent, and no one is there to reach out in a time of need, solutions must exist to fill this void.  I knew expanding my portfolio and growing my business was crucial for creating a foundation for something good.  Through a solutions-driven approach, my tech company and non-profit will tangibly help those in these crisis situations to be supported or recover.

Everything I do, like moving into technology, is helping people to NOT experience the harsh struggles my family and I experienced. 

Finally, I want to emphasize that I can’t believe where I came from and what I have been through. My journey has been the catalyst for becoming a viable businesswoman in a very male-dominated tech space. 

Q. Tell me a little bit about your tech career.

I began to leverage a vast network of people whom I empowered with tools and strategies for their health and well-being.  As I helped them grow and develop their existing corporations, new opportunities appeared. Through a new relationship with a tech genius, I further developed existing relationships and expanded my company’s portfolio from solely the health and coaching space into the tech world.  Adding in technology just made sense.

I am fortunate enough to have closed millions of dollars of business deals in the tech field. Eventually, this experience landed me a partnership with brilliant minds in a major start-up that will help people to be free to pursue creative ways to grow and enrich their lives emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  

Q. What are you working on currently in the tech space?

Currently, my latest business venture is focused on helping people not suffer under such conditions and the lack of support as my family has.  As we grow this technology company, with a targeted group of technology experts, developers, and marketers, we are launching a platform to change the world.  All of the principles of the company have the heart to help widows, orphans, and families. 

This great technology is available to all, as a core belief of mine is that we each have giftedness to share with the world, and we are better when we link elbows as a larger community.  Together, when we do, we all do better.  

Q. What do you see for your future in technology?

Having lived for several years through the difficulties as a caregiver to a terminally-ill spouse and surviving the aftermath as a widow and solo parent of four young children, it is my heart to educate others.   

There is a wonderful energy associated with visiting and assisting widows and orphans.  Every business that I have coached has grown and thrived. I believe that is largely in part, because taking a chance on me, means helping a widow and her children in need. It is a law of the universe that caring for those in trouble is the best of love.  Those suffering through trauma are in need of great love. 

 All of my projects will help to fuel serving survivors in need, and the tech company that I helped to start along with my tech team building the technology platform will provide support solutions to what I intimately know caregivers and those who suffer loss experience.  Innovation in the tech space is always driving solutions to problems, and I would love to see more women join me to become part of this field.

 Once I met my current business partner, a tech genius with a massive heart to serve others, I recognized that the two of us, leveraging the great minds of my network, would be able to make an impact in this world by helping the underserved have their place, be supported, use their gifts, and link elbows in a greater community.  We know that through tech, people can connect well with like-minded people finding solutions and support in good times and when suffering through difficulties such as loss of family, loss of income, loss of community, and even in a world in crisis.   

My father, a successful businessman, always went for the win-win.  May we carry this wisdom forward so that our suffering serves a greater purpose.

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