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There are many stages to grief. Viewers have witnessed the anger. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Erika JayneThroughout her time on the show,, unleashed some of her wildest moments on her costars.

A new interview with InStyle, Erika’s therapist, Dr. Jenn MannAccording to that, “Yes, you actually do need to grieve a divorce.” This is what you should do “shame and guilt” There are normal emotions to feel when you leave a partner to improve your well-being. Erika The article was reposted to her Instagram stories, which she apparently agreed to.

Erika She was heavily criticised for filing divorce papers to end the marriage to her estranged man. Tom GirardiHe was announced as having allegedly embezzled millions in money owed to widows and orphans and a victim of burns.

Public, along with some of her cast, thought the situation was a bit too coincidental. Erika herself has faced lawsuits alleging she knew of Tom’s crimes and profited from them. Erika adamantly claims that she had no knowledge of the embezzlement or any of Tom’s sordid endeavors prior to her decision to leave the now-disbarred attorney.

Erika has stated in the past that Tom controlled everything in their marriage, as well as engaging in multiple infidelities during the couple’s marriage.

Dr. Jenn says, (*12*) Adding, “Feeling a sense of failure around the marriage, even when leaving was the right thing to do, can be overwhelming.”

According to the relationship expert, those feelings of shame or guilt are not healthy. “perpetuate everything else.”

This could be a sign of the problem. Erika’s erratic and unpredictable behavior during the most recent season of RHOBH. Between screaming she’s the “only one” Mixing alcohol with anti-depressants and moments of crying, she made viewers wonder what she was doing. She seemed to have NO shame at times but, then again, it is possible to denial.

Erika Bravo Con 2022 was her last chance to address her regrets and take responsibility for her misuse of alcohol and medication. “not my finest moment.” These were just a few of the many she had. “moments” During season 12.

Bravo has put The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 13 on an indefinite pause for the time being after season 12 A very emotional and “dark” The cast and producers bear the brunt of this.