Minnesota Officials discovered a mistake in A $3 billion tax cut bill This spring, lawmakers passed a bill that can cost taxpayers The state will spend $352 millions over two years to make the changes, and leaders of the state have pledged that they will do so before any change takes place.

The Head of Minnesota Paul Marquart of Revenue Department told reporters Minneapolis Star Tribune His staff discovered an error in the 400-page document on Friday. bill.

The 2019 standard deduction was mistakenly used for 2024 tax The year is calculated without inflation adjustments of four years. Most taxpayers’ standard deduction would be $1,600 smaller.

Marquart claimed that the mistake would be made. cost Couples will be charged $210 in taxes and single filers $105. About 2.3 million returns would be affected if the law isn’t changed.

Greg Davids, Republican state representative in Washington D.C. said that mistakes can happen when employees work overtime to complete everything at the end a session. It is possible to resolve some problems by writing a letter to explain the original intention of the legislator, but this problem will require that a new law be passed.

“Mistakes are made, but this is a doozy,” said Davids, who has led the legislature’s tax committee in Past. “That being said, it’s nothing we can’t fix if we work together as soon as we get back and just correct it. I would hope no one would be opposed to correcting it.”