Ethos Wallet It announced Wednesday it raised $4.2 million. million to hire Continue reading developers, help it build more applications Please see the following: the Ethos WalletCreate a mobile application by following these steps.

Nadia Eldeib was cofounder and chief executive officer. the Money will also go towards contributing to the fledgling Sui blockchain, founded by former employees of Meta’s project Libra, by adding developer tools and infrastructure to the wider ecosystem.

Eldeib the The next mobile app will be helpful Ethos Wallet Reach customers wherever they are. build on the company’s existing Google Chrome extension.

“The wallet shouldn’t be limited to just a Chrome extension,” Eldeib shared his views with The Sunday Review. “You really want to think about how are people interacting with their digital lives and how do you facilitate that?”

Plans are also being made by the company to Continue to Add to It is fully customizable on-chain game Sui 8192 which is very similar to the Popular sliding tile puzzle 2048 Ethos’ game, though, exists as a dynamic NFT, with all moves in the Recorded game on the blockchain. Each iteration the Game is an NFT. It gives you more ownership to Eldeib stated that it is sold to those who purchase it.

“Historically, games have just been such a great way for people to encounter a new technology where it’s just fun. You’re not intimidated by the sort of the newness of it.”

Courtesy Ethos Wallet

Ethos Wallet’s announcement comes as venture capital funding for new crypto-related projects has dried up amid the Crypto Winter for a prolonged time Beginning the second quarter to the The third quarter of 2022 saw a decrease in funding for cryptocurrency startups by 50% to It’s a huge sum, $3.3 Billion. the In 2009, more than $9Billion in revenue was reported the First quarter 2021 In the middle the In the last quarter of 2022 crypto companies have raised just $2.4 Billion.

Eldeib stated that because money was scarcer, it would be difficult to make ends meet. the The experience in finding capital was personal.

“I think not having the wildness of the previous market enabled us to be thoughtful about getting to know who we ended up working with,” Sie said.

Ethos Wallet’s funding round was led by Boldstart Ventures and gumi Cryptos Capital, with contributions from Mysten Labs, Tribe Capital, Matrixport, Charge Ventures, Builder Capital, Alliance DAO, and crypto influencer and CoinShares chief strategy officer Meltem Demirors. 

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