Enlarge / A summary of what happens when you have site Closes down By a DDoS attack.

The European Parliament Website offline for several hours during Wednesday a The distributed denial of service (DDoS), attack began shortly after the governing board voted to declare Russia’s government. a Sponsor state terrorism.

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola confirmed that the attack took place on Wednesday afternoon European While the site Was still down. “A pro-Kremlin group has claimed responsibility,” she wrote on Twitter. “Our IT experts are pushing back against it & protecting our systems. This, after we proclaimed Russia as a State-sponsor of terrorism.”

While this post and other reports were being made, the website was reopened and appears to be functioning normally.

Metsola likely refers to the pro-Kremlin group Killnet. This group emerged in the beginning of RussiaThere have been claims of DDoS attacks on countries that support the smaller nation following the invasion of Ukraine. The targets included airports and police departments in Lithuania, Germany and Italy as well as governments from the United States, Norway, Norway, Romania, and Italy.

Shortly after Wednesday’s attack against the European Parliament In the beginning, Killnet members began to a Telegram private channel to post screenshots European Parliament Website was not available in 23 countries. Images with text accompanying them a Homophobic remarks directed at the legislative institution

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Shortly after the parliament unanimously voted to declare Kremlin, the outage took place a sponsor of terrorism.

Members of the European Parliament “highlight that the deliberate attacks and atrocities committed by Russian forces and their proxies against civilians in Ukraine, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and other serious violations of international and humanitarian law amount to acts of terror and constitute war crimes,” The declaration was made. “In light of this, they recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and as a state that ‘uses means of terrorism.’”

With 494 votes for and 58 against, the resolution was approved. There were 44 abstentions.

DDoS attacks usually harness the bandwidth and resources of hundreds, thousands and sometimes even millions of infected computers. Once they have gained control of their computers, the attackers can cause them to bombard. a Target site DDoS is a method of denying service to legitimate users if they have more traffic than their servers can handle. DDoS is a form of brute force attack that relies on brute strength to silence. its targets.

DDoSes has become more sophisticated over the years. Sometimes, attackers can increase bandwidth as high as ten times. a You can increase data volume by thousands of times using amplification techniques. a Misconfigured third party siteThis is the which then Returns a Much more traffic to the target.
Another innovation was the design of attacks that exhaust the computing power. a server. Rather than clogging the pipe between the website and the would-be visitors—the way more traditional volumetric DDoSes work—packet-per-second attacks send specifc types of compute-intensive requests to a Target in an effort to bring the hardware connected with the pipe to a standstill.

Metsola stated that the DDoS attacks against the European Parliament were “sophisticated,” a word that’s often misused to describe DDoSes and hacks. She did not provide any details to support her assessment.