Former Trump NBC News’ Steve Bannon said that he spoke with Steve Bannon as an aide. Greene about her ambitions; however, the Georgia lawmaker said Wednesday that she hadn’t spoken with him about it.

“And I don’t think she’s gonna meet the looks match for him,” Troye stated. “I hate to say that to disparage another female, but we know how shallow this man is.”

Capehart was also informed by Troye that Republicans are being “elevated and empowered are the crazies” Participate in the celebration.

Her advice was to encourage people to take initiative. Greene’s potential interest in vice president seriously, noting that Trump’s 2016 run was considered a joke prior to his win.

“When I watch people like Marjorie Taylor Greene say that they want to potentially be Madam Vice President someday under Trump, I don’t write that off,” Troye stated. “I actually think that’s a very big concern.”