It’s a “sign of desperation” A former federal prosecutor stated that Trump’s ex-president is attacking his wife, the special prosecutor who was appointed to oversee two federal criminal investigations into Trump’s actions.

The following is an analysis posted on his YouTube channel Saturday, Glenn Kirschner slammed Trump for his “inane accusations” Attorney General Merrick Garland vowed to prosecute Jack Smith, a veteran judge recently appointed to oversee the probes into Trump’s handling of classified documents and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Trump and his allies have been up in arms that Smith’s wife, documentary filmmaker Katy Chevigny, worked as a producer on Michelle Obama’s “Becoming,” and, according to FEC filings, donated $2,000 to President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. In a Truth Social post last weekTrump used this information to support his claims that the Justice Department was being weaponized against Smith. “hard-line Radical Left Special Counsel.”

Kirschner said Trump is acting in desperate circumstances because he “finally knows that accountability is coming for him.”

He also predicted that Trump’s strategy would flop. “Think about it. If the target of an investigation could create a conflict by attacking the prosecutor’s spouse, and then maybe somehow convincing people that the prosecutor’s gotta go, well, wouldn’t that just encourage guys like Donald Trump to go after the prosecutor’s spouse? Or family member? None of this will work.”

Kirschner argued that it was absurd to suggest that the spouse of a prosecutor can’t hold political beliefs or engage in political activity.

He explained: “So Trump alleges that if the prosecutor’s spouse is a Democrat, well then the prosecutor cannot go after … corrupt or criminal Republican politicians because of the prosecutor’s spouse’s politics. That’s absurd.”

“And think about the corollary,” He went on. “Well, if the prosecutor’s spouse is a Democrat, then the prosecutor shouldn’t be allowed to go after Democrats either, because presumably, because of the prosecutor spouse’s politics, the prosecutor would go easy on Democrats.

“So if you take Trump’s argument to its logical conclusion, if a prosecutor’s spouse is political in any way … the prosecutor cannot prosecute anybody who’s a Republican or a Democrat.”

There are no legal restrictions that prohibit federal prosecutors and law enforcement partners from making political donations or engaging in political activity.

Many conservatives have been quick to criticize Smith’s wife’s views as a conflict of interest, though notably did not join the uproar when it was revealed that Ginni Thomas, the wife of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, was an avid supporter of Trump’s big lie about the 2020 vote. Ginni Tom was not only a conservative activist but also because she participated in an effort against democratic elections.