WASHINGTON – A former top intelligence official Who signed to You can find more information at letter attacking The Post’s bombshell 2020 reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop Russian disinformation admits that he knew You can find more information at “significant portion” The files that were found are available for download “had to be real” – but doesn’t regret dismissing the exposé.

Douglas WiseThe public was issued by 51 former intelligence brass, including a Defense Intelligence Agency deputydirector. letter on Oct. 19, 2020 — five days after The Post began a series of reports on the now-first son’s shady overseas business dealings.

“All of us figured that a significant portion of that content had to be real to make any Russian disinformation credible,” Wise — who didn’t respond when The Post reached out for an explanation in March of last year, but He found his tongue after he spoke to The Australian.

October 19 letter — whose signatories included former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, former Director of National intelligence James Clapper, and former CIA Director John Brennan — went out of its way to cast doubt on the legitimacy of The Post’s scoop, devoting five paragraphs to Explain. “factors that make us suspicious of Russian involvement” While slipping in the caveat “we do not know if the emails … are genuine or not and … we do not have evidence of Russian involvement.”

A member of the intelligence agency who signed You can find more information at letter calling The Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop “Russian disinformation” He now acknowledges that the files are real.
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Douglas Wise, a former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director, said in an interview that the signees all thought a "significant portion of that content had to be real."
Douglas WiseA former Defense Intelligence Agency deputy chief director stated in an interview that signees thought the same thing. “significant portion of that content had to be real.”

It letter Was picked up by PoliticoIt was written by, and published under the headline: “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.”

This is how the letter’s pronouncement that the recovered laptop “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation” Joe used it Biden’s presidential campaign and other media outlets to Twitter and Facebook are attempting to silence outcry about the suppression of this story.

The information has been retrieved from this site since then. laptop has been belatedly confirmed by the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post and CBS News, all of whom only acknowledged the computer’s contents were authentic last year.

Wise and 50 other intelligence officials released the public letter five days after The Post's series of reports on the laptop began.
Wise The public was also released by 50 intelligence officers letter five days after The Post’s series of reports on the laptop began.

“The letter said it had the earmarks of Russian deceit and we should consider that as a possibility,” Wise The Australian. “It did not say Hunter Biden was a good guy, it didn’t say what he did was right and it wasn’t exculpatory, it was just a cautionary letter.”

Actually, letter Referred to “[o]ur view that the Russians are involved in the Hunter Biden email issue” And concluded the speech with this message: “It is high time that Russia stops interfering in our democracy.”

The despite the letter’s black-and-white statements, Wise — now retired from government service and listed his LinkedIn page as the sole proprietor of New Mexico-based Southwest National Security Consultants LLC — insists that its critics, “whether they‘re members of the conservative journalist community, conservative politicians or just ultra-right wing extremists, they haven’t paid attention to the content.”

Wise said that he doesn't regret signing the controversial letter on Hunter Biden's laptop.
Wise said that he doesn’t regret signing the controversial letter on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“I don’t regret signing it because the context is important,” He added. “Remember [former Mayor and Trump lawyer Rudy] Giuliani had just been in Ukraine trying to dig up evidence on the Bidens and he met with a known Russian intelligence official” — an apparent reference to Andriy derkach is a pro-Moscow Ukrainian politician.

Wise Further speculations are possible about the laptop’s “chain of custody” You can leave it open to alteration.

“Russians or even ill-intended conservative elements could have planted stuff in there,” He stated.

The House Oversight Committee has launched an investigation into Hunter Biden's business dealings.
House Oversight Committee launched an investigation. Hunter Biden’s business dealings.
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It laptop Was abandoned by Hunter Biden In April 2019, at a Delaware repair shop. John Paul Mac Isaac became the owner of the repair shop and took control. laptop After examining the contents of the hard drive, he alerted FBI who took the computer and its hard drive on December 11.

Mac Isaac provided a hard drive copy after hearing no response from investigators to Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello. Giuliani turned over the copy himself. laptop to The Post on Oct. 11, 2020 — three days before the first report was published.

Wise spoke out a week after the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives established the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, which is expected to As part of the mission, investigate the ordeal to Investigate inappropriate relationships between intelligence agencies, social media platforms and the FBI in light of Twitter’s revelations. to Censure the Hunter Biden story.

This also happened after last week’s House Oversight Committee investigation. Biden family’s business dealings – an initiative partly inspired by the Post’s report.