Mick Mulvaney, former White House Chief of Staff, predicted Wednesday Donald Trump Will not win the presidency in 2024.

Trump could become the GOP nominee if there’s a crowded primary field, Mulvaney told CNN’s Kasie Hunt. The former president will still lose the general elections. “because he makes it a referendum on himself.”

“It’s not Donald Trump versus Joe Biden or whomever. It’s not Republican versus Democrat,” Mulvaney, who was Trump’s acting chief of staff admitted the then-president’s attempted quid pro quo with Ukraine.

“It’s Donald Trump versus Donald Trump and one of the people who can beat Donald Trump is Donald Trump. That’s exactly what happened in 2020,” He continued.

“A bunch of folks could beat” Trump In a head to head primary contest, such Florida Gov. Mulvaney stated Ron DeSantis (R), and Sen. Tim Scott(R-S.C.).

But Trump would emerge victorious if it’s a larger field, he said.

Questioned if potential GOP presidential nominees should “check their egos” You can narrow the field to make it easier to stop Trump Mulvaney encouraged them not to define themselves after they won the nomination Trump.

Although he did not endorse any rumored hopefuls he said that he was good friends with them.

You can watch the interview here