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Esports-focused betting Rivalry will wrap up this year by giving fans an exclusive look at the best teams, games and matches. 2022.

Rivalry emerges as an industry leader esports betting. Earlier this year, the company recorded its first ever profitable month — a major achievement in an industry searching for profitability. A Barclays survey also found that Rivalry was most engaged esports betting Brand globally

While Rivalry’s data is limited to its own books, its position in the market makes it a valuable glance into industry trends.

Rivalry’s Top Games

Most wagered-on esports titles in 2022


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By Volume The Average Bet Size
1 League of Legends Global Offensive Counter-Strike
2 Global Offensive Counter-Strike League of Legends
3 Dota 2 Dota 2
4 Valorant Valorant
5 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

League of Legends leads the charge, as does Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and Dota 2. for esports betting Rivalry These three titles are combined for Around 90% esports betting You can find it on the website. That is why esports Accounts for 90% of Rivalry’s sports book handle, these three titles account for Around 80% of all the sportsbooks are online.

These titles are no longer available. esports Scenes, in both the organization of the competition and how the audience is seated. League of Legends and CS:GO players, which are generally older, have a higher chance of being able to wager.

League of Legends had more bets per person, while CS:GO fan bets more per bet on average.

Valorant achieved the highest gains 2022. In 2021, bet volume increased by 264% Riot has increased its investment in resources Valorant esports. This was a result of an increased betting activity shows that the most active viewers are responding well to Riot’s efforts. The title is also similar in structure to CS:GO, so Valorant benefits from CS:GO’s established betting culture.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the breakout star of 2011, was also one of our top mobile stars. Rivalry added only betting mobile titles in March. Naturally, ML:BB is the first mobile title to break into Rivalry’s top five. Mobile MOBAs are one of the most popular. most watched esports The game is widely available, though it’s largely found in Southeast Asia. Most of the game’s betting Activity came from SEA but it was sufficient to exceed key titles such as StarCraft 2

Top five mobile games by betting volume:

  • 1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • 2. League of Legends Wild Rift
  • 3. Honor of Kings
  • 4. The Mobile Call of Duty
  • 5. No cost for fire

While Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is at the top of the mobile charts, it’s joined by two direct competitors. League of Legends Wild Rift and Honor of Kings are the mobile versions of PC League of Legends. Moonton is the publisher of ML:BB, which is a sub-publisher to Bytedance. Wild Rift, and HoK, are published by Tencent.

Mobile esports Popularity is growing betting This will allow you to determine which titles get the most attention from Hardcore Fans.

Regional Favorites

Most wagered-on esports titles in 2022 Region

  • Australia: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Canada: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Latin AmericaLeague of Legends
  • Southeast AsiaDota 2
  • Rest of World: Counter Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO is the most popular game outside of Latin America and Southeast Asia. Most of the bets were focused on ESL’s Pro League and WePlay’s Academy League.

League of Legends was the dominant Latin American team betting — over 60% of the regions esports bets were placed on Riot’s MOBA. China’s LPL, Brazil’s CBLoL and Korea’s LCK were the top three most bet on leagues respectively, both in Latin America and globally. It is probably due to high-level play in China or Korea. Brazilians are highly involved, which is why the regional league is so well-liked. for betting.

Teams and matches that are the best

You should bet on esports Teams around the world:

  1. FURIA
  2. Team Liquid
  3. Loud
  4. RED Canids
  5. T1

It’s no secret that Brazil loves esports; betting Data shows how passionate they can be. Three of the country’s top teams — FURIA, LOUD and RED Canids — are in top five most bet on teams globally. In particular, FURIA’s win at IEM Rio in front of a home crowd undoubtedly drove the team to the top of the chart.

While Team Liquid didn’t win a major championship this year, the organization’s participation in several esportsThey were ranked No. 1 by Valorant and Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, as well as Dota 2 and Dota 2. 2.

Contrary to this, T1’s activity in other areas is lower. esports. Although they have Overwatch teams and a Super Smash Bros. team, there is no Valorant or Overwatch champions. Their League of Legends team was their Ultimate player.

Most wagered-on esports Worldwide matches

  1. League of Legends World ChampionshipT1 or DRX?
  2. Dota2 The International: Tundra Esports vs Team Secret
  3. League of Legends World Championship: Gen.G vs DWG KIA
  4. Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends: FURIA vs paiN Gaming
  5. League of Legends World Championship: DRX vs Edward Gaming

It’s not surprising that international competitions are the most popular match types. Three of the most popular matches at League of Legends World Championship were among those that were bet. T1 and DRX fought for the final spot. This likely boosted T1’s position to No. Five most popular bets on teams. These close quarterfinal matches, Gen.G vs DAMWON Gaming & DRX vs Edward Gaming, were also in the top 5, proving the importance close matches.

Interestingly, the match between FURIA and paiN Gaming was the first match of the winner’s bracket in the first split of the season. The match was significant, but the most important thing about it was their rivalry and the prominence they have in Brazilian society. esports.

The final match of Dota 2’s The International was the only non-League of Legends match to make the cut. TI lost 3-0, but Dota 2 fans were still very engaged in the match.

How about traditional sports?

The most popular sports in the country esports bettors

  1. Basketball
  2. Football/Soccer
  3. American Football
  4. Baseball
  5. Hockey

While 90% of Rivalry’s sportsbook handle comes from esportsIt also accepts bets in traditional sports. Rivalry estimates that over half of all people who place bets on these sports are from the United States. esports In 2022 Also, you can place wagers on sports that are not listed here.

The clear leader is basketball, followed closely by American football and football/soccer. With football’s global popularity, it’s unsurprising to see it make the list. However, it’s interesting to see that Rivalry’s younger esportsA skewed audience favors football over basketball.

Rivalry plans to grow its presence in Valorant and mobile games going forward. This dataset clearly shows the growth in these two areas. Mobile titles tend to be more specific to SEA. However, they can grow internationally if introduced to highly engaged individuals. betting audience. Similarly, if Riot’s goal is to compete with CS:GO for viewers, appealing to CS:GO’s betting Culture is essential.

But, there is a seismic shift taking place in betting. Recent joint report of Nuvei, Paypal and Esports Insider*, 77% of esports There are many companies, including tournament organizers and talent agencies. betting Even though they weren’t directly involved in the business, their contribution was still at least somewhat important. betting. Search for Profits, controlled betting It can also be part of the solution.

The NFL, MLB, and NBA have all allowed this growth. betting Since 2018, sponsorships have increased since legalization. The leagues reap the rewards of legal gambling, including increased sponsorship revenue, viewership and engagement. higher team valuations.

In an era where engagement is the gold standard — especially with free-to-play dominating the market — betting This could be an important tool for publishers. Publishers one study69% of Millennial NFL wagerers watched more games than normal when they placed a bet on a particular game. While this study didn’t focus on esportsIt is the same principle.

“Where we see momentum in betting activity, it often translates into enhanced economics and overall viewership growth for that esport,” confirmed Steven Salz, Rivalry’s cofounder and CEO.

Early signs are already beginning to show that companies embrace technology. betting. Twitch makes it possible for certain markets fans to place wagers on the site. channel points — which are earned by watching — to predict the outcome of matches.

Rivalry anticipates more transparency in gambling by publishers in 2023.

*Note: Before joining GamesBeat the author of this article was a member of the research team.

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