PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: Donald TrumpWho is it? has Since 1996, relentless attacks have been made on the integrity and fairness of US elections his 2020 election defeYou can find more information att, on Tuesday launched a bid In order to defeat potential Republican rivals, to regain power in 2024.
TrumpIn search of a possible rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden. his Announcement at his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate a week following midterm elections in Florida where Republicans failed to win nearly as many congressional seats as they had hoped.
In a live speech broadcast on US TV Trump The hundreds of supporters gathered in a ballroom that was decorated with numerous chandeliers and lined with dozens American flags.
“In order to make America great again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States,” Trump They spoke to a cheering crowd of long-term supporters and donors via a phone wave.
The US Federal Election Commission received paperwork earlier in the day from aides establishing a new committee, called “The American Federal Election Commission”. “Donald J Trump for President 2024.”
The Republican nominee will not be officially elected until the summer of 2024. It is more than a year before the first state-level contests.
TrumpEven though the country is known for its protracted presidential campaigns, and signals, the announcement came earlier than usual his There is interest in dissuading potential rivals like Ron DeSantis, Florida governor his Mike Pence was Mike Pence’s former vice-president. bid The Republican Party’s nomination for the 2024 presidency.
DeSantis won easily re-election to the governorship during the midterms. Pence, while encouraging his New book has Attempted to distance himself Trump. Other possible Republican presidential contenders include Glenn Youngkin from Virginia, Greg Abbott from Texas, Nikki Haley (ex-Governor of South Carolina), and Mike Pompeo (ex-Secretary of State).
Trump Actively participated in midterms, recruiting and encouraging candidates who echoed. his False claims that he was fraudulently voted out of the 2020 election
Many of these are however his Some prominent Republicans openly blamed him for the defeat of key battleground candidates, causing some to openly accuse him of promoting weak candidates that hampered the party’s chances of gaining control of the Senate.
Although control of the House of Representatives is still up in the air and Republicans are on track for a slim majority, they have the potential to take over the entire house.
Trump Will search his Even though he is facing trouble on many fronts, including a criminal investigation, he still supports the party’s nomination his Possession of documents government from his time in office and a subpoena by Congress related to it his Participation in the attack on the US Capitol, January 6, 2021 by his supporters. Trump has called the diverse investigations that he is facing politically motivated and has Refused to admit guilt.
TrumpBiden, now 76, wants to become the second US president to serve non-consecutive terms after Grover Ohio, who ended his second term in 1897. Biden, 79 said last week that he plans to run for reelection. He will most likely make a final decision. early Next year.
An Edison Research exit poll found that seven in 10 voters believed that Biden should not be running again, despite his unpopularity. Six out of 10 respondents also stated that they were not favorable opinions of Biden. Trump.
TrumpThe presidency
During his President Trump’s turbulent 2017-2021 presidency Trump Demonstrated disregard for democratic norms and was promoted “America First” He portrayed himself as a right-wing populist while advocating nationalism. He was the first US president to be impeached two times, but congressional Democrats failed to remove him.
At a rally that preceded Capitol attack Trump We urged supporters to “fight like hell” March on Congress “stop the steal,” However, the mob storming the Capitol did not stop Congress from officially certifying Biden’s victory.
Despite the fact that court and state election officials have rejected it TrumpAccording to Reuters/Ipsos polling, around two-thirds (32%) of Republican voters believe that Biden won the election fraudulently.
Trump has It attracted passionate support from many Americans, including white men, Christian conservatives as well as rural residents and those without college degrees. Critics denounce Trump of following policies that revolve around “white grievance” In a country with a growing number of non-white residents.
The political landscape has Since he was elected president in 2016, things have changed significantly. his The drama surrounding him has exhausted all major donors and party members.
His single term in office as president remains one of the most contentious in American history. He secured tax cuts and imposed restrictions on immigration. He also orchestrated a rightward shifting of the federal judiciary, which included the Supreme Court. He criticized authoritarian leaders from abroad and alienated US allies.
The Democratic-led House After he demanded that the leader of Ukraine investigate Biden, he was impeached in 2019 on charges relating to abuse of power and obstruction. his Son was charged with unsubstantiated charges of corruption. He was acquitted by the Senate, thanks to Republican support.
The House Impeached Trump A week before his departure, he was arrested again for inciting to insurrection. After he had left office, he was again indicted for inciting to insurrection. Again, thanks to Republican senators.