Facebook This will allow more private Setting by default For anyone below 16 who sign up for the platform, company announced on Monday. Teens who have a high school diploma already accounts, Facebook The prompt will encourage them to use these settings as well as a toggle to turn them on in one tap.

What Facebook’s billing as “more private” settings restricts details on an account so that only a teen’s friends can view the posts they’re tagged in, their friends list, and the pages, people, and lists they follow. They also require users to review the posts they’re tagged in and allow only friends to comment on their public posts.

Facebook A toggle will be displayed that allows young users to activate all recommended settings in one click.
Image: Facebook

Facebook is Also, trying to do more To protect teens from predatory adult. It’s testing a way to prevent teens from messaging adults on the platform that have been recently blocked or reported by a young person. Facebook won’t display these “suspicious” adults in teens’ People You May Know recommendations, either, and will start prompting teens to report the accounts That they also block. Meanwhile, on Instagram, the company’s testing removing the message button on teens’ accounts completely when they’re viewed by a suspicious adult.