As the updated vote totals began to cement, a Loss Kari Lake, a Trump-backed Arizona governor nominee, spoke Monday to a gathering white nationalists. “we need to build more gallows” started to have second thoughts about her party’s pitch to voters.

“We wonder now if we were in an echo chamber,” Wendy Rogers (R), a state senator from Wisconsin, also suggested the idea. throwing county officials in solitary confinement lied for years about the 2020 election.

“I don’t know, I’m just beginning to get some perspective,” Rogers added.

Lake was the last day of her unsuccessful campaign against Katie Hobbs, Democrat. bear-hugged Rogers, despite being a fellow Republican being one of the nation’s foremost elected supporters The white nationalist influencer Nick Fuentes.

Rogers’ realization about echo chambers occurred in an interesting place: She was speaking to Charlie Kirk on his YouTube show, which is also broadcast on the Salem Radio Network.

Kirk is the founder and leader of Right-Wing Youth Group Turning Point USA. This group has close ties to Trump’s family and spends its money. considerable time and money Work to elect Arizona Republicans. The group’s nationwide endorsement page is now sprinkled with painful lossesBlake Masters (R), and Lake.

“Every pollster was wrong, every single one,” Rogers, Kirk said. Later, he apologized to listeners for getting the projections wrong ― referring to positive polling for Lake as “Kool-Aid” ― and mentioned that he’d heard “they didn’t run an internal poll the whole campaign.”

“Never again are we going to trust polls, or tracking, or any of that stuff,” Kirk said.

As the results rolled in, the crew speculated that Lake, who in many ways emulated former President Donald Trump’s election denialism and theatrical antagonism of the press, was simply Too much for some otherwise winnable Arizona voters.

“If every person who voted to retire [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi in Arizona voted for Kari Lake, she’s governor,” Kirk said, referring to Arizona’s U.S. House delegation, which went from 5-4 Democratic to 6-3 Republican With this election.

“What that means … is a Republican undervote, and it looks like that happened,” He added that he was referring to voters other than Lake who voted for Republicans.

Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers (R), has been making false claims about 2020 elections for years.

Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

Tyler Bowyer, TPUSA’s chief operating officer and a false presidential “elector” for Trump’s 2020 campaign, said “the same Trump attack messaging seemed to work” For Lake

“I love Trump, I love him to death, but the Trump rally is an echo chamber,” Bowyer said separately, responding to Rogers’ comment. He recalled warning Lake’s political team against having “all the same people showing up to the same events” Not bringing in new supporters, but rather “fangirls and fanboys.”

Rogers agreed that Trump’s more recent rallies felt like a “family reunion.”

“I do think voters are telling us that they’re fatigued,” Kirk said. “I think people are telling us, they’re trying to send it in more ways than one: ‘I’m going to vote for the more boring person.’”

A few minutes later, Kirk read the latest returns from Maricopa County ― home to more than half of Arizona’s residents ― which sealed the deal on Hobbs’ projected victory.

Then he read an email from a listener as he and his guests’ heads sank. “We all have Trump fatigue syndrome,” He read. “I reluctantly voted for Kari Lake but all my friends couldn’t do it. We don’t want all the bombast.”

Rogers did a double-take when Kirk said that Lake was 20 points behind Hobbs in Pima County. This is the second largest county of the state. “You said 20 points?” She confirmed the confirmation, looking at her phone in stunned amazement.