“I covered the door with my roommate’s bed and I turned off the lights,” He stated that at the time. “I’m keeping myself hidden in the closet.”

Marcus Wolff (20 years old) stated on Tuesday that his Monday night game of volleyball in the campus gym was cut short due to reports of an unidentified gunman. The gym was locked down and all lights turned off minutes later.

“That was probably the scariest moment of it all,” Wolff was an undergraduate in electrical engineering and ran away when the fire alarm was triggered. “Just the suspense and the anticipation being all huddled up in one little room like that.”

Michael Bolanos (a 19-year old acting major) was attending a rehearsal on campus when the news of the shooting broke to him and his fellow cast members.

For the three hours that they were locked down, the actors held beer bottles — props for their show, which is set in a bar — in case they would need to defend themselves. Bolanos stated that the bottles were intended to be used for entertainment purposes. “provide some twisted sense of security in that moment.”

The manhunt was quiet on nearby streets. Many businesses responded to shelter-in-place orders. as A police helicopter flew overhead.

The Peanut Barrel is a restaurant and bar located across from Berkey Hall. After hearing about the attack, staff locked the doors and lowered the blinds, and then turned off the lights.

Antonio Urista (the assistant general manager) said that El Azteco Mexican Restaurant staff also closed their doors to safeguard themselves and 15 of their customers. He explained that as the details of the shooting began to come in, it became more anxious. Students at El Azteco Mexican restaurant tried to get back with friends on campus, but they were unsuccessful.

April Rubin And Sam Easter Participatory reporting