ISLAMABAD. The appointment process Pakistan’s next army chief The transition will begin Monday, and the name of the new military commander will be announced Wednesday, Khwaja Muhammad Aif, defence minister, said Saturday. This was after all parties reached broad agreement to ensure smooth military-command transition.
Interior minister Rana Sanaullah The matter would be resolved in the “next 24 or 48 hours”. “I believe the Prime Minister (Shehbaz Sharif) has completed this process (of consultations on the new chief) and will bring it to paper today, tomorrow or a day after,” Sanaullah said. Sanaullah stated that it was not advisable to delay any further and asked the media not to ask questions at this stage of the stoke. “unnecessary speculation”.
The customary is still not being moved by the defense ministry “summary” to PM Shehbaz’s office on the possible successors of incumbent General Qamar Javed Bjwa. The summary often includes the names five of the most senior generals.
The PM consults the outgoing traditionally. army chief However, that advice is not binding. Former PM Nawaz Sharif — Shehbaz’s elder brother — had ignored the advice of outgoing chiefs General Pervez Kayani Allgemein Raheel Sharif 2013, 2016
Although the appointment is the PM’s sole prerogative, Shehbaz and finance minister Ishaq Dar have spoken to all stakeholders. According to reports, Shehbaz discussed the issue while he was in London last week with Nawaz, his brother who is a three-time ex-PM in exile.
FM Dar met separately with President Arif alvi and other key leaders of the governing alliance, including former President Asif Alizardari and Maulana Fazalur Rehman, on Friday.
Rumours had swirled earlier that Alvi — who is from Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, (PTI), may block the customary summary at his party’s request chief Who has sparred over the top with the Sharifs? army post.
But Alvi put to rest all such rumours after meeting Dar and saying he will follow the PM’s advice. “I do not have the legal authority to stop the PM’s advice. I have never interfered in state affairs,” Alvi said.
After weeks of deliberation, former PM Imran has finally said that he is no longer interested in the matter. new Military chief Nawaz claimed that he was trying to appoint someone who would disqualify PTI, but he reiterated his claims. chief From politics.