JAKARTA – A huge fire broke out at a fuel storage depot Friday killings in Jakarta, Indonesia at At least 17 were injured, dozens more sustained injuries and forced evacuation. thousands According to officials, the virus spreads quickly and affects nearby residents.
Plumpang Fuel Storage Station, run by the state oil Gas Company PertaminaNear a heavily populated area in North Jakarta’s Tanah Merah neighbourhood, this is This fuel supply provides 25% of Indonesia’s energy needs.
Fire officials stated that at least 260 firefighters were needed to put out the fire in the neighborhood. 52 engines also had to be used.
The fire was broadcast live on TV and showed panicked scenes of hundreds of residents running from the flames. Firefighters battled to control the flames and thick clouds of orange smoke filled the skies.
Eko Kristawan, Pertamina’s regional manager, stated that a preliminary investigation revealed the cause of the fire was a ruptured pipeline during heavy rainfall.
He stated that the fire wouldn’t disrupt fuel supplies in the country.
Satriadi GunawanJakarta’s chief fire and rescue officer, Amir, claimed that people in residential areas were being still being rescued. evacuated The two were then taken to a local village hall and mosque.
“The fire caused several explosions and quickly spread to residential houses,” Gunawan said.
He stated: at Minimum 17 of the victims were children and two adults, while 50 people had to be hospitalized with some severe burns.
Erick is the minister of state-owned businesses in Indonesia. ThohirHe expressed condolences and directed Pertamina, to investigate the fire thoroughly and to focus on the immediate assistance of the community.
“There must be an operational evaluation in the future. I’ll continue to monitor this case,” Thohir made the following video statement.
Friday’s fire was second in size. at Plumpang is a fuel depot. In 2014, a fire engulfed at Minimum 40 houses were within reach, but there was no report of casualties.
Fahmi RadhiPertamina was urged by an energy analyst to move immediately the matter. depot Located away from nearby communities.
“Pertamina has been negligent by not using international standard security systems,” He spoke in an interview for KOMPAS TV. He claimed that there hadn’t been any efforts since the 2014 fire to create such a system and that it was important to conduct regular inspections to ensure that future fires don’t happen.
“Pertamina’s board of directors should be held responsible for this deadly fire by being dismissed immediately,” Radhi said.
This article is about oil In 2018, a spillage caused an explosion that resulted in a fire in Balikpapan, killing five people and injuring hundreds more. Pertamina used a pipe to transport crude. oil.
On March 20, 2021, there will be a major fire. at Cilacap gas storage facility at This is the biggest oil The main island has a refinery. Java The evacuation of 80 residents and the injured was necessary at At least 20. Cilacap is among six Pertamina refineries that can process 270,000 barrels per day. After eight months, over 900 people had been incorporated. evacuated After a fire broke out at Pertamina Balongan Refinery, West Java Province.