Incoming Republican lawmaker Florida You want bloggers Writers about elected officials to register with The stateThis has raised concerns among First Amendment groups, who call the proposal unconstitutional.

It billThe following was filed by Senator Jason Brodeur from Lake Mary would require bloggers to file periodic reports with The state If paid, they may be asked to post about the state’s governor, lieutenant governor, cabinet members or legislative officials.

Bloggers would You can find it here to Do you want to disclose their identity and the amount they were paid? with Additional information like the address of where it is situated online. They would 25 dollars per day that the report is not received by due date, to Reports can only be submitted for a maximum amount of $2,500 It is the legislation would This does not apply to Content “the website of a newspaper or other similar publication.”

Last week’s proposal was filed. to First Amendment activists who claim it is a violation of press freedoms are criticized.

“The only thing that I can see is that it’s an attempt to limit and control free speech,” Bobby Block, Executive Director of the First Amendment Foundation. “It’s an attempt to bring critics to heel and it’s an attempt to make sure that people who want to talk about you think real hard before they do so.”

It’s not clear how far this proposal will be taken in the GOP-controlled statehouse at the next legislative session which starts Tuesday. The Associated Press reached out to Brodeur was joined by Republican Senate leaders and Brodeur. A spokesman for Gov. Ron DeSantis was able to comment.

Brodeur wrote the following tweet. bill The goal is to promote transparency to Bloggers who advocate for or lobby on behalf of specific causes. The text of his bill It states it would Apply to Bloggers who are paid to Write about elected officials Florida.

“Do you want to know the truth about the so-called “blogger” bill?” Brodeur’s post reads. “It brings the current pay-to-play scheme to light and gives voters clarity as to who is influencing their elected officials, JUST LIKE how we treat lobbyists. It’s an electioneering issue, not a free speech issue.”

Brodeur sponsors an additional event. bill This would Make it simpler to DeSantis, an American Republican, proposed that media be sued for defamation.

DeSantis made criticism of the media an important part of his national profile while preparing for an anticipated 2024 presidential campaign. This tactic is very popular with Republicans who see news outlets as bias against conservatives.

American Civil Liberties Union of Florida The proposal was rejected “un-American to its core.”

“This is a clear violation of the First Amendment because it strongly discourages bloggers from speaking on politics – one of the most critical types of speech for maintaining a democracy,” The group released a statement.

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