A 13-year-old son of a corrections officer accidentally killed his 11-year-old brother Thursday while fiddling around with a handgun they found in their parents’ Florida bedroom.

Shemarion Burse, a victim of a gunshot to the chest, died, Miami-Dade Police reported.

Shemarion, aged 9-15, was living in the Horizons West home with his four siblings when his brother accidentally killed him. 7News reported. There were no adults home at that time.

A neighbor reported hearing screaming at 5 p.m., and ran to the unit.

“I called 911. I went inside the house. The baby was there, blood everywhere,” The neighbor asked not to be identified.

She started administering mouth to mouth CPR until Shemarion lost her ability to breathe.

The young boy was flown to the hospital where he was declared dead.

“Blood on the wall, him just laying there, taking his last breath, and it was just traumatic,” “The neighbor said.

MDPD detective Alvaro Zabaleta confirmed that Shemarion’s mother is a Miami-Dade corrections officer, but said who owned the gun..

The police do not anticipate that they will be able to bring any charges in this tragic case.

“I am heartbroken about the whole situation,” another neighbor, Geraldine OstanneCBS. “I just don’t like to hear about these stories of guns in homes. I think it must be very hard for the family who are devastated about the whole situation.”

“Even though the gun was in a safe place, I feel they shouldn’t be around children at all. They shouldn’t even know where guns are.”

Shemarion’s mother, Tiffany Callaway, remembered her son, who the family affectionately called “Fat Boy,” You can also use it as a “loving, playful and always there to put a smile on your face when you needed.”

“Imaging [sic] life without him is something we never thought we’d have to do as a family, and even worse, we have to lay him to rest,” she wrote on a GoFundMe page for the boy’s funeral expenses.