A Florida doctor In the alleged assaults on sex, he was arrested of Police say that two women were being treated at his office by him.

The Naples doctor, Eric Andrew SalataTwo charges are against her of According to news reports, sexual battery is done to an physically helpless person. The 54-year-old victimized two women – 51 and 73 – in the middle of According to a police report, the cosmetic procedures were performed after they had been sedated. by the Naples Daily News.

According to police, the 51-year old woman said that she had been undergoing a procedure last month. Salata To ease her pain, she was given laughing gas of According to a police report, she had a prescription when she arrived.  

She admitted that she was not in her right mind but she stated she felt it. Salata According to the report, he reached her private parts and stopped before she asked.

The report says that he then gave her more laughing gas and suggested that she drink a clear liquid (possibly tequila). She was already intoxicated, and she passed out.

She woke up and said that she had seen. Salata Perform oral sex According to the report she fell asleep again but was unable stop him. According to the report, when she woke again, he was allegedly trying to penetrate her before she fell unconscious again.

According to The Naples Daily News, the woman was 73 years old and came forward Monday to tell cops. Salata According to authorities, she was raped during the procedure.

Officers were reportedly informed by the victim that she had told them about her crime. doctor She massaged a specific area of her body and gave her laughing gas to alleviate any pain. The victim requested more laughing gas as the massage progressed. Salata According to the report, he then raped her.

She claimed she was alert and awake during the attack, and that it wasn’t her fault. Salata Was at the top of According to the report, she was with her for approximately 15 seconds.

Salata With his wife, he owns Pura Vida Spa. according to WZVN.

Both procedures are performed simultaneously Salata The station reported that he was the only person in this room.

He was reportedly arrested Monday night – the same day the second woman came forward – and placed under a $200,000 bond.