COLOMBO: Former President Gotabaya RajapaksaWho was ousted? from Last year, power was returned to him over the mishandling of cash-strapped countries’ economy by his government. from DubaiThis was his first overseas trip since his return. to Sri Lanka It was four months ago.
Rajapaksa Ioma and her husband arrived at Bandaranaike International Airport. from Dubai The Daily Mirror will be available on Thursday Lanka Newspaper reported the incident, quoting both the spokesperson for the airport immigration section and the airport duty manager.
The Emirates Flight EK-650 brought them to their destination. from DubaiAccording to the report,
During his visit to Dubai, Rajapaksa Visited the exotic animal farm, called “Fame Park,” As per to news portal
RajapaksaFled a,73 Sri Lanka to Maldives on a Sri Lankan Airforce As the country fell into its most severe economic and humanitarian crisis, it was forced to cancel its July flight from 1948: Great Britain.
He continued his journey. to Singapore, from Where he hand in his resignation, July 14.
He flew several weeks later. to Thailand is looking for temporary shelter.
Thailand Rajapaksa Because he has a valid diplomatic passport, he can still stay for up to 90-days in the country.
But he wasn’t allowed to engage in political activities in Thailand.
His body was kept in a box. to Hotel security guards surround the hotel.
He was granted special security upon his return to the States in September 2022. to Sri Lanka from Thailand.
RajapaksaIn November 2019, he was elected president.
RajapaksaThe a former dual citizen of both Sri Lanka The US also had to Give up your US citizenship in advance of the 2019 Presidential Elections
As per Sri The Lankan Constitution forbids dual citizens holders from Contesting elections
Soon after his election in 2019, a corruption case was dropped against him while he was top defense official.
This was done earlier in the month Rajapaksa He applied for the restoration of his US citizenship following a failure to obtain it. to You can apply for asylum in any country. to Sunday Times Newspaper The US government has not yet responded. to Consider the request. Newspaper reported. It was the Rajapaksa Family It has been dominant Sri Lankan politics for over two decades.
Mahinda RajapaksaThis is the patriarch, aged 76 and an elder brother to Gotabaya The country’s first president and prime Minister.
Basil, the younger brother RajapaksaThe former finance minister was 71-year-old.
Sri LankaA country with 22 million inhabitants is currently in its worst economic crisis. This was caused by severe shortages of foreign currency reserves.
The IMF declared in September that it would provide a service. Sri Lanka Under a preliminary agreement, a loan in the amount of $2.9 trillion over 4 years. to The bankrupt nation of an island must be helped to overcome its greatest economic crisis. It should also help people keep their livelihoods.
Also, the country is expected to Japan will restructure its $29 Billion debt, to Coordinate with other countries that are creditors, such as China for this issue.
By mid-April Sri Lanka Declared its international debt default due to The forex crisis.
This country has $51Billion in outstanding foreign debt. Of that, $28Billion must be paid by 2027.
In the streets, there have been protests Sri Lanka Since early April, the protests against government have been ongoing to Its mishandling the economic crisis.
The crippling lack of foreign reserves has caused to Long queues to get fuel and cooking gas have created misery for many. Power cuts and rising food prices have also contributed to the long lines.