A federal judge Friday sentenced Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes to More than 11 Years in prison for duping investors in The failed startup that promised to revolutionize blood testing but instead made her a symbol of Silicon Valley’s culture of audacious self-promotion.

U.S. District Court Edward Davila imposed the sentence. It was shorter than the Federal prosecutors requested a 15-year penalty but much more severe than what her legal team wanted for the mother, who had a year-old son with another child.

HolmesWho was it that was? CEO throughout the company’s turbulent 15-year history, was convicted in January in the scheme, which revolved around the company’s claims to We have created a medical device that can detect many diseases and conditions using just a few drops blood. However, the technology failed to work.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. AP’s earlier story follows below.

A federal judge was to Decide Friday whether you are disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes Should serve a long time prison For swindling investors and putting patients at risk while selling bogus blood-testing technology.

Holmes’ sentencing in She was convicted in the same San Jose, California courtroom. four counts of investor fraud and conspiracy in January marks another climactic month in Here’s a dissection of a story in An HBO documentary and an Hulu award-winning series on her meteoric rise to and tragic downfall.

Theranos promised to The revolutionary technology was able to scan hundreds of diseases and other ailments with just a few drops. It never worked.

U.S. District Judge Edward Davila takes center stage when he weighs the federal government’s recommendation to Send the 38-year old Holmes to federal prison For 15 years. That’s less than the maximum sentence of 20 years, but her legal team is asking for incarceration of no more than 18 monthsPreferably served in home confinement.

Her lawyers argue that Holmes As a mother of a child, and a well-meaning entrepreneur, deserves more gentle treatment. They were supported by over 130 letters written by friends, family, and former coworkers praising them. Holmes.

Also, a probation report was submitted to Davila recommended a nine year term prison sentence.

Prosecutors also desire Holmes to Spend $804 million in restitution. This sum covers almost $1 billion Holmes The fund was raised by a group of sophisticated investors, including software mogul Larry Ellison and Rupert Murdoch, and the Walton family behind Walmart.

When you are trying to attract investors Holmes A high-powered leverage Theranos James Mattis (ex-Defense Secretary) was part of this board. testified against her During her trial, Henry Kissinger, an ex-secretary of state, and George Shultz (the late George Shultz), who was her son, submitted statements blasting the prosecution. Holmes Shultz was credited with inventing a scheme “for the fool.”

Davila’s judgment – and Holmes’ reporting date for a potential stint in prison — could be affected by her second pregnancy in Two years. After giving birth to Just before her trial began last year, she had a son. Holmes While being released on bail, I became pregnant.

Although her lawyers didn’t mention the pregnancy in An 82-page memo was submitted to Davila confirmed the pregnancy last week in A letter from William, her current partner “Billy” Evans, that urged Judge to Be kind.

The 12-page letter included photos of Holmes Evans, a mother to their 1-year-old son Evans, shared that Evans was devoted to him. Holmes Participated in Pregnant, attended the Golden Gate Bridge swimming race earlier in this year. He also mentioned that Holmes COVID-19: Symptoms of a severe case in August was pregnant. Evans did not disclose Holmes’ due date in His letter.

If Holmes’ pregnancy plays a role in This controversial decision could result in her sentence being reduced or qualified. In 2019, more than 1,000 pregnancies were found to have entered federal or state prisons in a 12-month span. Of these, 753 were found. gave birth in custody.

According to According to a survey conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2016, more than half of federally-eligible women entered into employment. prison — 58% — reported being mothers of minor children.

Duncan Levin, a former federal prosecutor who is now a defense attorney, predicted that Davila’s sentencing decision won’t be swayed by the pregnancy. Levin anticipates that the judge will reconsider his decision. to Allow her to to Until the baby is born, you can still be free.

“She will be no more of a flight risk after she is sentenced than she was while awaiting sentencing,” Levin. “We have to temper our sentences with some measure of humanity.”

Amanda Kramer, a former federal prosecutor, predicts that Davila’s pregnancy will make it more likely that he is criticized regardless of the sentence he imposes.

“There is a pretty healthy debate about what kind of sentence is needed to effect general deterrence to send a message to others who are thinking of crossing that line from sharp salesmanship into material misrepresentation,” Kramer stated.

Robert Leach, federal prosecutor, stated that Holmes For engineering the scam that he described among the most grave white-collar crimes committed, he deserves to be punished severely in Silicon Valley. Leach, in a blistering 46-page memo, told the judge that he had an opportunity to Send a message to curb the hyperbole and hubris that has been unleashed by tech boom.

Holmes “preyed on hopes of her investors that a young, dynamic entrepreneur had changed healthcare,” Leach wrote. “And through her deceit, she attained spectacular fame, adoration and billions of dollars of wealth.”

Even though Holmes A jury found him not guilty of four counts each of conspiracy and fraud. to Patients who took Theranos Leach requested blood tests and Davila was also questioned to Factor in The health risks posed by Holmes’ conduct.

Holmes’ lawyer Kevin Downey painted her as a selfless visionary who spent 14 years of her life trying to revolutionize health care.

Even though the evidence she submitted at her trial indicated that blood tests were not reliable and could have led patients to the wrong treatment, her lawyers maintained that they had no proof. Holmes Never stop trying to You can perfect the technology up to Theranos collapsed in 2018.

They also noted that Holmes She has never sold anything of hers Theranos shares — a stake valued at $4.5 billion in 2014. Holmes On the cover of business magazines, he was hailed as the next Steve Jobs.

She has been defending herself against criminal charges. Holmes With “substantial debt from which she is unlikely to recover,” Downey wrote, suggesting she is unlikely to As part of her sentence, Davila may order that you pay any restitution.

“Holmes is not a danger to society,” Downey wrote.

Downey also questioned Davila to Consider the allegations of sexual and emotional abuse Holmes She suffered when she was romantically involved to Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, who was a Theranos Investor, top executive, and finally an accomplice in Her crimes.

Balwani, 57, is scheduled to Be sentenced Dec. 7 after being convicted in a July trial On 12 counts of fraud or conspiracy