Fox News Brit Hume, chief analyst in political analysis, stated that Donald Trump was an a “loser” in the 2020 election as he cast doubt on the former president’s chances in 2024.

Hume claimed it was “inevitable” Trump will attack DeSantis “because, obviously, Mr. Trump recognizes that this governor, who just won reelection by nearly 20 points, is at the moment, in the eyes of most people, a winner.”

“Whereas he, Mr. Trump ― although there’s skeptics about how it happened – was a loser,” He added.

Trump uses the phrase “loser” liberally to castigate individuals and groups he doesn’t like ― including Politicians, journalists, media outlets, terrorists and celebrities.

DeSantis who is well known expected He was a candidate in the 2024 presidential election and he won the November gubernatorial vote. There are many commentators After a string of Trump-backed candidates lost their seats, Trump was deemed the greatest winner and Trump the largest loser of the midterm elections.

Two Republicans, Trump and the former U.S. Senator, have so far announced their candidacy to be 2024’s candidates. Nikki Haley, Ambassador to United Nations.