Fox News A Sunday contributor stated that the conservative network was being used “has a strong desire to move on from” Donald Trump, former president Trump.

Mara Liasson is also NPR’s national political correspondent. Fox News’ “Media Buzz” Sunday

“There’s no doubt that the majority of conservative media — Fox first and foremost — has a strong desire to move on from Donald Trump,” Liasson claimed, “and [they] are not paying enough attention and giving him enough airtime and ink as they used to.”

Her observation was that there is some coverage Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement by conservative media was less than enthusiastic.

“I think you can just look at the New York Post or Fox News and remember, when he announced his election campaign, ‘Florida man announces reelection,’ page 26,” Sie said.

She’s not exaggerating. Where? Trump launched his campaign in November, the Post, which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing media empire, buried the news On page 26. A bottom-of the-page note was included on the tabloid’s front page. “Florida Man Makes Announcement.”

Murdoch also owns The Wall Street Journal called Trump the “Republican party’s biggest loser” In an editorial following the midterm election. In the meantime, many pundits were on Fox News It is suggested that Trump’s star had faded, and even Tucker Carlson wouldn’t say which candidate he would support in a hypothetical Republican primary in 2024.

Murdoch has reportedly sought His businesses will be disassociated Trump Instead, he is turning to Florida Governor, his possible 2024 opponent for the Republican nomination. Ron DeSantis.