Donald Trump gave a charming interview. Trump, Fox News Mark Levin of Mark Levin radio asked about the relationship between former President George Bush and world leaders. “genocidal maniacs.”

Trump’s response? “The tougher they were, the better I got along with them.”

Levin asked this question during an interview to promote Trump’s new book, “Letters to Trump,” A collection of 150 letters written by celebrities, international leaders and other notable figures.

Pointing at “fascinating letters” Trump had received from leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin, China’s President Xi Jinping and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Levin said he had noticed “a common thread.”

“You had a personal relationship with every one of these leaders, whether they’re genocidal maniacs, whether they’re elected, like [Shinzo Abe] of Japan,” Levin was quoted as saying: “And I want to get into some of this. What would you say your foreign policy is? Because I think people keep projecting onto your foreign policy what it is that they think they want people to think your foreign policy is.”

Trump replied: “It was a very personal relationship and you know, sort of a weird situation. The tougher they were, the better I got along with them.”

“And that’s probably a good thing because it was the tough ones that had the big powerful countries, the ones that can do destruction,” He added.

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