Fox News host Laura Ingraham After making a joke about President Barack Obama, she was forced to make a correction on air. Joe Biden She instead revealed her own ignorance.

Ingraham and regular guest Raymond Arroyo were mocking the president’s speech on artificial intelligence.

“AI is all around us. Much of it is making our lives better,” Biden said. “And AI is helping the National Weather Service predict weather events, helping the Webb Telescope manage half a million miles of galaxies away — billions of light-years away.”

Biden The word stumbled was a mistake “telescope,” You can find out more about it here. Ingraham Arroyo finds it hilarious.

“Good lord,” Arroyo is a Ingraham She rolled her eyelids and sternly shaken her head.

“Did he call it the web telescope?” Ingraham “Said after the two bantered on AI. “Isn’t it Hubble? Is he thinking of web Hubble? I don’t understand.”

“Who knows,” Arroyo remarked as the two laughed.

They then played another clip. Ingraham Corrections were made.

“All right. There is a Webb Telescope,” She laughed, but stumbled several times over the word. “telescope” ― something they had both mocked Biden Over only a few minutes earlier. “I stand corrected by Joe Biden.”

James Webb Space Telescope was launched in December of 2021. The telescope will be fully operational during summer 2022. Media ― including Fox News that has called images “stunning” The following are some examples of how to get started: “marvelous” ― covered it extensively.

It’s 100 times more powerful Hubble Space Telescope Ingraham As if you had not understood what I was saying, Biden Scientists are mentioned using AI help analyze its images.

Critics mocked Ingraham Arroyo is to blame for this failure.