UNITED NATIONS France It has been reaffirmed support for IndiaJapan, Brazil, Germany as permanent members In an expanded UN Security Council (UNSCThis highlights the importance of considering the new powers that are willing and able take on the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of the country. permanent You are a part of the powerful world body.
“France’s position is constant and well known. We want the Council to be more representative of today’s world, in a way that further strengthens its authority and effectiveness,” Deputy Permanent Representative France UN Nathalie Broadhurst stated Friday.
She was speaking at the UN General Assembly plenary session on the ‘Question for equitable representation on an increase in membership of the Security Council. other questions relating to Security Council
“We must indeed take into account the emergence of new powers that are willing and able to assume the responsibility of a permanent presence in the Security Council,” Broadhurst spoke.
Broadhurst stated that an expanded Council could include up to 25 members to maintain its operational and executive nature. members.
“France supports the candidacy of Germany, Brazil, India and Japan as permanent members. We would also like to see a stronger presence of African countries, including among the permanent members. The remaining seats should be allocated in order to achieve equitable geographical representation,” She said.
She also said that the question regarding the veto is “eminently sensitive”It is up the States to request the grant of a permanent To decide themselves, they must take a seat
“In this reflection, the objective must remain twofold: on the one hand, to consolidate the legitimacy of the Security Council; on the other hand, to strengthen its capacity to fully assume its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security,” She said.
“It is in this spirit that France proposed, as early as 2013, that the five permanent members of the Council voluntarily and collectively suspend the use of the veto in case of mass atrocities. This voluntary approach does not require a revision of the Charter but a political commitment by the permanent members,” She added.
The United Kingdom voiced its support. support for IndiaTo sit: Germany, Japan, Brazil as permanent members In an expanded UN Security Council
“Our position is well known. The United Kingdom has long called for the expansion of the Security Council in both the permanent and non-permanent categories,” UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward During the General Assembly’s Thursday debate on Security Council reform
“We support the creation of new permanent seats for India, Germany, Japan and Brazil, as well as permanent African representation on the Council. We also support an expansion of the non-permanent category of membership, taking the Security Council’s total membership to somewhere in the mid-twenties,” She said.
Woodward claimed that the Council would now be more representative for the world today if these changes were made. “And, coupled with a renewed commitment to the UN Charter, it would be better able to respond decisively to threats to international peace and security,” She said.
One of the five permanent members The UK and the USA are members of the 15-nation Council. France Russia and Russia support a permanent Seat for India The UN body.
IndiaCurrently, the term is for two years as Non-English speaking countriespermanent The Security Council’s current member will retire next month, having presided over the 15 nations Council.
New Delhi other G4 nations Japan, Germany, and Brazil have been the leaders in efforts to call for democracy. for It is urgent to reform the Security Council. This body has been deeply divided in its handling of current challenges. India The Council’s current form does not reflect the geo-political reality of today. Its credibility is at stake if it continues to be so. nations Such as Developing powers like India You do not need a permanent Place your seat at the horseshoe table.
G4 stands for the need for A comprehensive reform of Security Council with an expansion of seats in both permanent Both non-permanent Different types of membership, equitable regional representations, transparenter and more inclusive working methods, and a strengthened relationship with other UN bodies, including General Assembly.