Tuesday, American tennis star American Tennis Player’s girlfriend Frances Tiafoe published a video What she called a “fashion show.” It was the 17th-ranked Tiafoe who tried it on. He was preparing for the race in a Nike kit. Australian Open.

“It’s definitely a lot, but I’m here for it,” Ayan Broomfield is a Canadian tennis player. As Mr. Tiafoe approaches a mirror, Ayan says that the outfit is a short-sleeved top with shorts and a shirt covered in multicolored waves. This looks like an oil slick rainbow, or a lava lamp. According to Nike, the pattern was inspired by Australia’s terrain.)

“Nah, that’s dope,” Mister Tiafoe is sporting sneakers featuring a cherry blossom design. Ms. Broomfield giggles.

The video was shared on Twitter by her the day following Mr. Tiafoe’s debut of the ensemble on court. This is a tongue in cheek response to some passionate reactions and comments from commentators. “I absolutely loved it on him,” Ms. Broomfield wrote “so y’all can blame me.” Naomi Osaka was also mentioned in her credit for the sneakers.

The kaleidoscopic outfit was worn by Mr. Tiafoe throughout the tournament. He also wore it on Friday when he lost to his third round match. However, he was denied the opportunity to play in the finals. Australian title, the style points he earned with the kit aren’t so easily revoked.

The outfit looked like a 1920s swimsuit from far away, but fans initially thought it was a one-piece. Racquet, a tennis magazine called it. “the Big Faux Romper,” By nodding, Mr. Tiafoe’s nickname, “Big Foe,” The name of the outfit he is wearing, engraved on a necklace This is the look as published in The Magazine tweeted, “invites you to reject thought and embrace only good vibes. Perfect Aussie summer himbo energy.”

He can certainly get behind this message. Mr. Tiafoe, 25, raised in the era of sports memes, represents a new kind of tennis star — at least compared with the generation of intense, stately household-name players who rank above him, like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Recent examples include Mr. Tiafoe trying to pull down the pants This is another American player During an interview.

He’s goofy. He’s outspoken. He also understands how people love to share their opinion about fashion via the Internet. writing about his Nike kit on Instagram: “what we think bout the fit … I ain’t mad at it.”

But his good humor is largely why the look stood out — even among other Nike-sponsored players wearing the same pattern on their shorts or skirts. However, none of the other players wore the same matching cabana style as Mr. Tiafoe’s. According to Caitlin Thompson (racquet founder), his approach is bold and fueled by the energy from his audience. Therefore, it suits him well that he wears a flashy kit.

“Not a lot of these guys actually like to be flamboyant,” Thompson said that she suggested another option. Australian Open players wearing Nike look more like they’re wearing costumes, against their will, “cowed into submission.”

“He’s not only such a goofball, but he seems like a very secure person, and I think that’s why he’s pulling it off,” She said. “It feels like he’s wearing it, not it’s wearing him.” The tank top was also added by her. “shows off his guns.”)

He has been noticed by the fashion industry. He became America’s first American male in just 16 years. Open semifinals — where his square-neck pink Nike shirt served as a warm-up to this year’s even more colorful Australian Open kit — he was seen sitting in the front row of Tom Ford’s spring 2023 show, sandwiched between Russell Westbrook and Ciara.

Anna Wintour was on the opposite side of Ciara. Anna is a well-known tennis fan who recruited three players to be her co-chairs at the Met Gala. They were Serena Williams in 2019, Naomi Osaka in 2021, and Roger Federer. just announced as a chair of this year’s gala.

Was Ms. Wintour able to give an opinion about Mr. Tiafoe’s Australian Open look? She said that she was reached for comments via email. “Full of spirit like the man who wears it.”