Sam Bankman-Fried’s bankrupt crypto empire owes It 50 Most important unsecured creditors New court documents show that $3.1 billion was paid to the company, and that a couple of customers owed more money than $200 million. each.

FTXAll -linked entities owe the single largest sum unsecured Creditors with more than $226 Million, according to to A redacted list with top 50 creditors Filed late Saturday They were all listed as customers, and ten had claims exceeding $100 million eachThe filings are shown in

The creditors, whose names and  locations weren’t disclosed, are among the vast array Many people and institutions involved in the scandal FTX’s insolvency. The 50 largest Customers owing $21,000,000 or more are eligible for claims 

Bankrupt companies in the USA are not allowed to Insolvency proceedings require creditors to disclose details about debts. Creditors can get to Discuss the best way to do it FTX to As bankruptcy occurs, repay your debts. 

FTX It stated that it has assets and liability of at least $10 Billions each Preliminary court papers It is possible that the case will involve more than one-million people. creditorsAccording to to lawyers for FTX. 

The case is FTX Trading Ltd. 22-11068, U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the District of Delaware

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