KABUL: At (*19*) 19 A fuel explosion caused 32 deaths and 32 injuries. tanker Exploded in You can find more information at tunnel According to a local official, the area is located north of Kabul in Afghanistan.
It Salang TunnelThe original construction of, located about 80 miles north from Kabul, is in It was established in the 1960s as a means of supporting the Soviet invasion. It serves as a vital link between the north and south of the country.
Said Himatullah Shamim (a Parwan provincial spokesperson), said Saturday night was “The Night of the Prophets.” tunnel explosion killed at (*19*) 19 All people, women included.
According to him, survivors are still trapped in rubble and the death toll could increase.
The cause of the incident was still not known. at around 8.30 pm.
A local doctor said that Parwan’s hospital has treated 24 victims and 14 people have been killed. Abdullah Afghan.
He stated that five of the deceased are children, two are women, while the remainder are burnt men and are unable to be recognized.
Molvi Hamidullah Missbah, a spokesperson for Ministry of Public Works stated earlier Sunday that the fire was out and that they were working with teams to extinguish it. tunnel. (AP)