BALI, Indonesia — The annual Group of 20 summit began on Tuesday under the shadow of the Leaders of some countries are concerned about possible global recession and war in Ukraine the world’s wealthiest nations and biggest emerging markets pushed for a coordinated response to the threats.

As leaders from the Group of 19 countries the European Union met on the Indonesian island of Bali, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the The U.S.-China rivalry is threatening to resurgence authoritarianism and the resurgence in U.S. rivalry are two examples of how alignments may be tested the World order. Inflation and food insecurity have been fueled by the war, which leaders condemned in their opening remarks. an End to the Fighting for justice and action to Address the Increasing cost of oil, grain and other commodities

President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine addressed the gathering by video link and called again on Russia — whose leader, President Vladimir V. Putin, is not attending — to It is imperative that Russia immediately withdraws its troops. Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, is attending the summit in Mr. Putin’s place.

Invoking his demand that Russia be held accountable for violating international law, Mr. Zelensky declared that Ukraine would continue its resistance until its territory had been restored. “Every day of delay means new deaths of Ukrainians, new threats to the world, and an insane increase in losses due to continuation of the Russian aggression — losses for everyone in the world,” He stated.

China’s leader, Xi Jinping, did not directly mention the His remarks included war, but he referred to to Tense geopolitical environment, disrupted supply chain for food and energy.

“All countries should replace division with unity,” He stated, “According to…” to A transcript is available from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. China, which is an increasingly strong partnership with Russia, has not condemned Moscow’s invasion, but this month Mr. Xi cautioned For “the threat or use of nuclear weapons” In the conflict.

Sessions the The first day has ended.

On the The eve of the summit, Mr. Xi met President Biden for close to three hours to Try to Stop China-US relations from further deteriorating the United States, which are at odds over issues including Beijing’s stance on the war. They adopted a tone mutually engaging that acknowledged both their countries were facing challenges from global conflict as well as economic headwinds.

A host of the Summit, President Joko Widodo, of Indonesia, encouraged fellow leaders on Tuesday to “set aside our differences” Work towards an end the war in Ukraine.

“Being responsible means creating win-win, not zero-sum situations,” He stated. “Being responsible here also means that we must end the war.”

The summit is the First time top leaders from around the world have met in person since the Start with the pandemic. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Hun Sung of Cambodia announced that he would be reducing his visit. to the summit after testing positive for the coronavirus.