Garcelle Beauvais How it works Lisa Rinna‘s absence has impacted the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Wednesday as she attended the four-year anniversary party for Sutton Stracke’s boutique.

Before dishing on Denise Richards Return to Filming the interview and how it is addressed Kathy Hilton Will also return, Garcelle I was a little shady about it before I admitted that Rinna is the reason the women of the series were so much more divided.

“Is she gone?” Garcelle Frequently Asked Questions Page Six February 29, 2009, she stirred the soup with her old castmate.

“I think we’re less divided, for sure. I think there’s less [division]. I think we’re all more open to really forming a friendship and seeing where that goes,” Elle continued. “So, I feel like everybody’s doing that, which is cool.”

Garcelle Then, she clarified her remarks as “not to say there’s no drama.”

“But we’re trying,” Elle added, noting “it’s great” to Denise, please come back RHOBH.

“We had a really great dinner the other night, and she put her stamp on things,” Garcelle teased.

Garcelle We also spoke to Access Hollywood Sutton, her friend and close confidante was also present at the event.

“It is a special night. Anytime I can support her … She supports me. I mean, it’s so easy. We have the best time,” Garcelle explained.

Recent years have seen a significant increase in Garcelle Sutton and Sutton were so close to each other that Sutton was able to get within a few inches of Sutton. “become like an aunt” to Garcelle’s sons.

“Jax will text her. Jax needed a recommendation for something. He emailed Sutton. I mean, it’s like she’s Auntie Sutton,” Garcelle revealed.

Cast, which includes the rumored addition of a newbie Annemarie Wiley, attended Sutton’s bash on Wednesday, Garcelle It was possible that drama would ensue.

“It’ll never be smooth. It’ll never be smooth,” she said of the ladies’ dynamic.

Rinna responded by firing back at her for suggesting season 13. “boring” Without her.

“It is absolutely not boring, at all. At all. At all,” Garcelle insisted. “I think we’re really having fun and building our friendships and relationships which is really cool, so it’s nice.”

Her story is hers. Garcelle According to viewers, “get to see a little bit more personal in terms of [her] and [her] dynamics with [her] boys.” It comes, however. to dating, she’s keeping that off-camera.

“There isn’t anybody I want to bring on because the minute I bring somebody on, then it’s solidified. So we’re not doing that. I’m dating. [There’s] not yet [a single person]. There’s a few people. I’m having fun,” She explained.

Looking back Kyle Richards‘ weed dinner, which featured CBD and THC-infused dishes, Garcelle said the group gathering was “the most fun [she’s] ever had.”

“It was wild,” She added that she was certain “didn’t partake” She has “to be a role model to [her] kids.”

Also, you can ask questions during your interview Garcelle addressed Kathy’s status on the show.

“I don’t know,” Elle admitted. “I mean, obviously, it would be great to have her back. I think also it would create a lot of drama for Kyle. I think they have to work it out on their own before they can probably work it out on TV. That would be my guess. It’s too deep now. It’s not like a spat so it’s too deep for me to go into.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 is in production. It’s expected to be released soon. to Later in the year, Bravo will begin to air these shows.