Gautam Adani, the Indian billionaire who has suffered one of the world’s biggest-ever declines in personal wealth, said he will plow on Keep your investments in Israel safe and sound quiet Concerning the allegation of fraud By short-seller Hindenburg Research. 

Speaking during a ceremony at the Haifa Port in Israel — his first public Veranstaltung since The scathing report was published public on Jan. 24 — the businessman didn’t mention the allegations of market manipulation and accounting fraudThey have taken about $70 Billion of the market value of shares in Adani Group companies. 

Being relaxed and smiley Adani Instead, be focused on His expansion plans in Israel are an Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone Ltd. joint venture last year Tender to acquire the port was won for $1.2 million. His appearance came just hours after his flagship firm successfully raised $2.5 billion from India’s largest follow-on Equity sale

“Today is the outcome of a lot of hard work put in over six years,” Adani He signed a historic port charter alongside Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister. Haifa Port “comes with a significant amount of real estate. And I promise you that in the years to come we will transform the skyline we see around us.”

Netanyahu, for his part, called it “a joyous day for India, Israel and the Haifa Port,” He said that the Indian businessman will increase his investments in Israel “in a big way.”

Apart from being welcome in Israel, Adani has also found support from institutions and existing shareholders including Abu Dhabi’s International Holding Co. ,which ensured that the closely watched equity sale was covered.

Adani, who has denied the short seller’s allegations and threatened legal action against HindenburgThe short speech was concluded by Yehuda Amichai, an Israeli poet who said the following:

“A man doesn’t have time in his life to have time for everything. He doesn’t have seasons enough to have a season for every purpose.”

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