Conservative Attorney George Conway said a New York judge’s decision on Tuesday could mean the end of Donald Trump’s family business in New York.

“It’s essentially the equivalent of the corporate death penalty for the Trump Organization in New York State,” On CNN, he made the statement on Tuesday evening.

Judge Arthur Engoron found that Trump committed fraud for years by overvaluing his assets and net worth to obtain loans, and ordered the dissolution of some of former president’s companies.

Trump He claimed that the ruling violated his civil rights and insisted he was innocent. “done business perfectly.”

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Conway The judge explained Trump Martin Act is violated, “an extremely powerful weapon that the state can use against fraudsters.”

He said the act doesn’t require proof of fraudulent intent, and doesn’t require evidence that the false numbers were relied on by anyone. It is enough that the numbers be false.

And in Trump’s case “there was no dispute that the numbers were false, and substantially so.”

Conway Act allows for “extraordinary remedies” The judge ruled on Tuesday that a company could be stripped of its right to operate in the state, and ordered to dissolve.

“No matter what he finds in the damages phase of this trial, the Trump organization is out of business,” He said. “And that’s not good for Donald Trump.”

Conway spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Laura Coates:

The opinions of other legal experts on the impact of the ruling for the former President and his family were also expressed.