With a detailed report on the embellishments, Speaker McCarthy has a new problem in Andy Ogles’ resume suggests that he is a freshman congressman. George Santos playbook.

With 56 percent of votes, Mr. Ogles won November’s election. in Tennessee’s fifth district, which covers parts of southern Nashville and central Tennessee.

He is now under scrutiny by News Channel 5 Nashville for misleading voters about his history and education. in Law enforcement on According to the report.

Repeatedly Mr. Ogles claimed To have been an economist who was trained at Middle Tennessee State University and to have actually worked in To be an expert in law enforcement on human trafficking.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Ogles was educated at Western Kentucky University between 1990-93.

Mr. Ogles returned to Middle Tennessee University but requested that his records be blocked.

A resume of Mr. Ogles’s obtained News Channel 5 Nashiville reports that he also listed Middle Tennessee University’s major as international relations. According to reports, he minored in economics. in English and psychology 

In a 2002 campaign to represent the state’s fourth district, Mr. Ogles also claimed to have studied “foreign policy and the constitution” Not economics at Middle Tennessee State University

Apart from embellishing Ogles’ education, it appears that he exaggerated the experience of others. in Law enforcement and human trafficking.

Although he had been sworn in Reserve deputy sheriff for Williamson County in 2009. NewsChannel 5 reported that he was fired two years later for not meeting the requirements of the job and for making inadequate progress. “no progress in Field Training.”

“There is nothing in Mr. Ogles’ training or personnel file that indicates he had any involvement in ‘international sex trafficking’ in his capacity as a reserve deputy,” a Williamson County sheriff’s spokeswoman, Sharon Puckett, told NewsChannel 5.

Abolition International was a non-profit that aims to end human trafficking. Mr. Ogles claimed to be the chief operating officer. According to tax forms, Mr. Ogles held only a temporary position at the organization and received $4,000 in compensation for his efforts.

His comparisons to Mr. Santos, who also made false claims about his professional and personal history, though Mr. Ogles’s fabrications appear to be less extensive and sensational than Mr. Santos’s.

A report by the Washington Post also revealed that Mr. Ogles was the third member to see his or her biography questioned since taking office. questioning Parts of the personal Anna Paulina Luna, a Florida Republican Congresswoman is a historical figure.

The Post’s report focused largely on Ms. Luna’s story of a home invasion, which appears to have been exaggerated, as well as Ms. Luna’s changing relationship with her Hispanic heritage over the decade before she ran for office.

Ms. Luna’s office maintains that the questions are “bizarre” was not available to answer additional questions. on This is the subject.

So far Mr. Santos He is likely to be subject to an investigation by both the House Ethics Committee (and the Federal Elections Commission) into his conduct in relation to possible campaign finance violations.

Although Mr. Ogles has not yet faced widespread calls to resign from constituents or elected officials, his situation draws attention to the GOP’s slim majority in The House

If Mr. Ogles Santos Republicans will have a slimmer margin if they are ousted from power or resignation.

The resignation of McCarthy’s two members could give Speaker McCarthy less power over his conference and make it possible for angry members to take his place.

Although Mr. Santos supported Mr. McCarthy on In every round of voting, Mr. Ogles didn’t initially vote for Mr. McCarthy to be the speakership. In round 12 of the voting, he voted to support McCarthy.

Mr. Ogles’s office has not responded to a request for comment and a press representative for Ms. Luna did not immediately reply to an inquiry from the Sun.