Serial liar Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) faced ridicule after he accused an author who is penning an exposé of him of participating in a “grift.”

Newsday’s Mark Chiusano on Friday announced he was writing “The Fabulist: How George Santos Conned The World” The story of the First-year Congressman, who is suspected to have fabricated multiple parts of his history.

Santos faces an investigation into his campaign finances.

Chiusano’s book, according to the publicity, will be “a narrative of continent-spanning grift telling the life story of George Santos and how he was able to use the barely guarded loopholes of US politics to his advantage to become America’s top con man.”

Santos voiced his anger at the news by tweeting that he hopes Chiusano will respond. “has a great imagination.”

“Wonder what kind of material comes from his latest grift,” He added.

Critics On Twitter were quick to call out Santos’ reply: