The Embattled Rep. George Santos President has been ignored BidenOn Tuesday, all first-term members were denied a White House invitation. for A meeting was held with the commander-in-chief, 80 years old. 

Santos (R-NY) was not listed on the White House’s list of attendees for According to the East Room reception the HillHe and his staff told Newsday That disgraced lawmaker would skip the event. 

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary said Tuesday SantosLike everything else, new members, was invited to the ​​biennial event. 

The freshman lawmaker representing New York’s 3rd Congressional District has come under fire after a web of His past was exposed after he won his midterm election campaign. 

SantosThe Post reported that 34-year-old Lieu admitted last month to lying about his education and work history. of His personal life is being investigated by the federal government. for He lent more than $700,000.000 to his 2022 campaign, even though he had not declared a salary of Only $55,000 was available as of 2020.

Santos Both Democrats as well as Republicans are calling for him to resign.

Kevin McCarthy (R.Calif.), House Speaker, stated Tuesday that Long Island Republican will be removed from Congress If the House Ethics Committee determines that he has broken the law,

“If for some way when we go through Ethics and he has broken the law, then we will remove him,” McCarthy stated this to reporters. 

Tracking of All NY Rep. George Santos lies

The Republican House also has four other members who were elected to the first term members The White House was skipped eventInclude a friend of the family of the Empire State’s congressional delegation, Rep. Nick LaLota (R-NY), who boycotted the meeting in protest of the White House’s lingering COVID-19 protocols.

“Out of protest, I will not be attending President Biden’s gathering of Freshman House Members at the White House this week. Even though four months ago the President told ’60 Minutes’ that the pandemic is over, the White House is today enforcing arbitrary, outdated and unscientific pandemic protocols upon members of Congress who accepted the President’s invitation to meet him at the White House,” LaLota made the statement in a statement.

Before visiting the White House, attendees were required to take a negative test 24 hours before they could visit and to also provide proof. of Submit to vaccination

The Hill reports You can find the new Reps. Nick Langworthy, Mike Lawler (NY), John James and Mark Alford (Mo.) attended the reception.John Duarte, Tom Kean (NJ), Kevin Kiley(Calif.), Nathaniel Moran and Dale Strong (Ala.), were among those who attended the reception.).