Uncounted votes on a memory card has changed an election in Cobb County, Georgia, officials say.

Madelyn Orochena announced her win on social media After she announced the results, she was able to fill the Kennesaw City Council Special Post1 seat. 

“Feeling excited and so grateful! It’s a win! See you Monday,” Orochena wrote about the post in social media.

However, Orochena’s victory was short-lived, after a memory card was discovered Wednesday. The projected results were different winner Lynette Burnette

“Unfortunately, once found we did upload it, and it changed the outcome of the Kennesaw City Council race,” Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler said.

The memory card contained 789 ballots that were not counted from the county. Burnette defeated Orochena just 31 votes.

Orochena shared her frustration on social media following the announcement.  

“This is shameful. … And our faith in our governing bodies continues to fail.” Orochena wrote.

Cobb Election officials According to the report, the memory card was discovered in the Kennesaw region while workers were preparing for an audit that would limit risk. Since then, the results of the card’s investigation have been sent. Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office, election leaders said. 

Election in Cobb County officials According to the Secretary, the results are listed. of State’s election page now reflect the accurate results.

Orochena stated in a post on social media that she would file a complaint with Secretary of State’s Office.

“Just trying to gain more information, what is within my rights, so we can be confident whoever wins, wins fairly,” Orochena said.

The election results will be re-certified A special meeting, called meeting Friday.

“We immensely regret this error, and following the upcoming runoff election, we will launch an investigation and review of procedures to ensure this never happens again,” Election leaders made the statement in a press conference.