Former Fox News host Geraldo Rivera Donald Trump was called out for his claims that undocumented immigration is a problem. “poisoning the blood of our country. Rivera also slammed a Trump spokesperson’s claim that the phrase is “used in everyday life” You can also read about how to get started. “absolute bulls**t.”

“I think it’s vile. I think it’s disgusting. It’s very disappointing,” Rivera You can tell them by clicking on the link CNN’s Abby Phillip about Trump’s comment in a video shared online by Mediaite.

“To sink to that level, it’s for me a personal embarrassment that we were friends for so long,” He continued. “This language is racist, it is really disgusting, and, you know, some things cannot abide. We cannot abide certain things and he has crossed the line. I beseech his followers to listen to what he said about poison blood.”

Nazis also used similar “poisonous rhetoric,” Notably, Rivera.

“I hate to use Nazi or Hitler references, but it is impossible to miss the obvious parallels,” He said. “Poison blood, it was a direct reference. He made a direct reference that the migrants, the immigrants, mostly Latinos now, may I say, are poisoning, polluting the blood of real Americans. It is intolerable. I mean it’s absolutely beyond the pale.”

Trump’s spokesperson has played down the comments, saying that they were a joke. “a normal phrase that is used in everyday life.”

Rivera “Tell Phillip: “Excuse me, I apologize to you and your audience, but I have to say that the spokesman’s excuse was absolute bullshit.”

“It is lowdown and dirty,” He added. “Give me a break.”