BERLIN – The German government said Friday that it was working on plans to “simplify” The path to citizenshipThis includes accelerating naturalization and allowing dual nationality.
The interior ministry’s goals to unveil a draft law “soon” This will be submitted to According to a spokesperson, the cabinet was approved by the president.
Under the new proposals rulesNaturalization is possible after five years rather than eight years of residence, or even as little at three years for those who are deemed to be eligible. to They have a great integration.
Children born in Germany Citizenship is automatically granted to those whose parents are legal residents of the country for at least five years.
Plans are also being made by the interior ministry to It is possible to relax language requirements for older immigrants and make it more accessible for everyone to Multiple nationalities are possible.
The revamp of Germany’s citizenship When it was formed, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s coalition government of centre-left leaders made legislation a key promise. to A year ago, power was at its lowest.
It’s as simple as GermanyAn ageing country home to Over 80 million people face an acute shortage of workers in many industries.
According to the labour ministry, there will be a shortage of 240,000 skilled workers in Europe’s largest economy by 2026.
“We will create a modern citizenship law,” Scholz’s three party government stated in its coalition agreement.
“To this end, we will make multiple citizenship possible and simplify the path to acquiring German citizenship.”