“That was something personal that Daniel wanted to do,” Schoen stated in a news conference last Tuesday. “They had no idea what value we thought. I had no idea what they would ask. That was totally separate.”

Jones If the deal had been completed, it would have brought in $32.416 millions by 2023. Giants He was given the franchise tag. That sum would have counted directly against the team’s salary cap figure, severely limiting how active Schoen could be in free agency.

“That’s something everybody realizes,” Schoen said. “If you have to franchise Daniel, I don’t think that’s best for the organization. I don’t believe it’s best for Daniel especially as we try to build the team around him.”

After signing JonesIt is the Giants placed the franchise tag on Barkley, arguably the offense’s best player. Barkley can earn $10.09million if he plays with the tag. Giants Barkley may continue to negotiate for an extension of time until July 17th.

Schoen and Barkley’s agent, Kim Miale of Roc Nation Sports, had started early discussions on a long-term contract during the team’s bye week in November and have continued talks since the start of the off-season. Schoen stated that he hopes to be able Schoen at the combine. to sign Barkley to An extension, but stated that there was a Gap in the asking price

“We’ve got to draw a line in the sand like, ‘We’re not going any further,’” Schoen said. “And if it goes past this, ‘All right, let’s shift to Plan B.’ Hopefully we don’t get to that.”

Jones’s deal comes as teams continue to The market for quarterbacks was established. Lamar Jackson, a Baltimore Ravens player, was granted the franchise tag by Tuesday’s Ravens. This follows two years of interminable talks. a Derek Carr was signed by the New Orleans Saints Monday to a long-term contract to a A four-year contract with $100 Million guaranteed.

The landscape will shift again as the star quarterbacks of the 2020 draft class — the Eagles’ Jalen Hurts, the Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow and the Los Angeles Chargers’ Justin Herbert — are expected to You can sign a contract extension.