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The Real Housewives of Potomac star, Gizelle BryantAs she opens up about all the emotions and reactions that she has to her Bravo castmates during Season 7 of Bravo,, gives an intimate interview.

Speak with Today, Gizelle Jumped right in, and I was let into Costar Wendy OsefoShe was, in fact, a complete stranger. “no longer interested” in continuing a friendship with Wendy as the two can’t find common ground.

“For me, it just speaks to just the kind of person she is. I always want to be able to have conversations with women, and she’s just unable to do that. So, I’m just no longer interested. That’s why when she came to me, in the beginning of the season, I just was like, yeah, no, and goodbye,” Gizelle explained.

Season 7 RHOP Has also been Gizelle And Candiace Dillard Bassett After a long time, you may not be able to see the same eye. Gizelle It was said Candiace’s husband, Chris Bassett, made her “uncomfortable” After the session, she went into her dressing area. RHOP Reunion season 6.

Candiace Has claimed that Gizelle has manipulated and exaggerated the incident in order to smear her and Chris’ name.

“Because I know Candiace is very sensitive, and she can be a bit dramatic, I was very careful to choose my words carefully with her. At that time, she and I were friends. So, I wasn’t going to say anything that was going to be super inflammatory and hurt her, but she took it to a whole other level of nonsense.”

Gizelle says she doesn’t regret speaking out about how the situation made her feel and will not apologize for it.

They are now enemies, says Gizelle As she claims Candiace “always wants to play the victim.”

“We’re no longer friends, so I don’t feel like I need to hold back anything anymore. What happened, happened, and it was unfortunate, and no one’s going to tell me how to feel in a situation like that,”

In reality, Gizelle Believes that Candiace She is trying to make a storyline out of the Chris-Sarah incident and attacking Chris as a way to attack her. “deflection.”

“I think that she has taken the position of, ‘Oh, I’m just going to deflect, I’m going to speak about Gizelle and try to trash Gizelle,’ as opposed to talking to your husband. Like why would your husband even do that? Let’s start there,” Gizelle Continue reading as before. “Of course, you know, she wants to create a story. This could have died because it was a simple conversation, but she wants to create a story. She wanted to carry this out throughout the season. She wanted to take all this to ‘Girls Trip,’ which she did.”

Gizelle Also, I took the time to speak with fellow Green-Eyed Bandits and their costars. Robyn Dixon’s, differing stance on Her situation with Chris Candiace. Robyn has been clear that she doesn’t think Chris had any ill-intent behind his actions, and Gizelle Respect that.

“Robyn is entitled to her opinion. I never want anyone to just side with me because we’re friends. I do that for people, but it’s just not necessary. I am grown, and I am confident and secure enough and can speak for myself enough that I don’t need that,” Sie said.

Drama aside, Gizelle Bravo fans went crazy after she posted a clip of herself and Winter House Star Jason Cameron, on This appeared to have been a date.

Based on GizelleIt is “definitely a date” It was established by costars Ashley Darby Then-beauty Winter House’s, Luke Gulbranson.

“He’s a great guy, and we have a lot of fun,” Gizelle Today.

Season 7 RHOP Also, a new product was introduced. “friend of” Mia Thornton, Jacqueline Blake. She’s made quite the entrance thus far with her and Mia’s alleged sexual escapades. Mia may not have taken it all in stride, however. Gizelle revealed the two have fallen out after last week’s episode saw Mia accuse Jacqueline of sleeping with married men.

“We all like Jacqueline, so for Mia to fall out with her, it was just kind of like, you brought her here, this is your girlfriend of 30 years. It was just kind of unfortunate. I at least wanted them to make it right on camera, because this looks really bad,” Bryant continues. “From what I understand, they’re still not good to this day.”

You have only a few more episodes. RHOP Reunion heads, Gizelle Some of the most popular takes were shared with fans.

Ashely is the “MVP” of the season, she says. “doing the most” Was “all over the place.” Gizelle Also, the end of season will be “fire” And that Karen Huger There are some “’splainin’ to do.”

Here’s the conclusion of her interview Gizelle She revealed that the thing she most loves about the show was its simplicity. “dysfunctional” sisterhood.

“I love that we try to protect each other, but throw each other under the bus,” She laughed.

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