House Republicans began an investigation Monday into The origins COVID-19 by A series of letters are issued to For documents and testimony, current and former officials from the Biden administration.

Republican chairs of the House Oversight Committee (Republican subcommittee) on the coronavirus panademic required information from numerous people including Dr. Anthony FauciThe hypothesis that the coronavirus accidentally leaked from a Chinese laboratory was discussed.

“This investigation must begin with where and how this virus came about so that we can attempt to predict, prepare or prevent it from happening again,” Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio), is the chair of this subcommittee on viruses.

Chairman of the oversight panel, Rep. James Comer (Republican from Tenn.), added that Republicans would be able to handle it. “follow the facts” “hold U.S. government officials that took part in any sort of cover-up accountable.”

The letters to FauciAvril Haines, National Intelligence Director and Health Secretary Xavier Beccera are among the most recent efforts by The new Republican majority to Renew the promises you made in the 2022 midterms election campaign.

Wenstrup, a House Intelligence Committee member for many years, accused U.S. intelligence officials of withholding important facts concerning its investigation into The coronavirus. Last year, the staff report of Republicans who made up the committee argued that there were coronaviruses. “indications” It is possible that the virus was developed inside Wuhan Institute of Virology as a bioweapon.

This would be in contradiction to a U.S. intelligence community assessment Unclassified version of the virus released August 20, 21. Although analysts don’t believe it was a biological weapon, they do think that it could have leaked from a laboratory accident.

Not all letters that were sent Monday require cooperation from the recipients. But in announcing the Republican staff report in December, Wenstrup said that lawmakers would issue subpoenas if potential witnesses didn’t cooperate.

Initial dismissal by The hypothesis that COVID-19 arose from an accidental lab contamination is supported by most government officials and public health specialists. to After President Joe Biden directed an investigation, you will be subject to scrutiny into The matter will be discussed in May 2021.

This review took place over 90 days to Push American intelligence agencies to Review what information they have and gather more. Trump’s ex-State Department staffers had previously publicly called for additional investigation into Viral originsAs scientists and World Health Organization have also confirmed.

There are many scientists. Fauci, who until December served as Biden’s chief medical adviser, say they still believe the virus most likely emerged in nature Jumped from Animals to Humans, well-documented spillover phenomenon. Researchers have yet to identify any new evidence which might support the laboratory-leak hypothesis.

Republicans however have accused Fauci Of lying to Congress, when he insisted that the National Institutes of Health had been funded “gain of function” research — the practice of enhancing a virus in a lab to study its potential impact in the real world — at a virology lab in Wuhan, China. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) even encouraged Attorney General Merrick Garland to Nominate a special prosecutor to investigate Fauci’s statements.

Fauci, who served as the country’s top infectious disease expert under both Republican and Democratic presidents, has called the GOP criticism nonsense.

Cruz and Rand Paul, R-Ky. have said previously that an October 2021 was possible letter From the NIH to Congress does not agree Fauci. There is however no consensus scientifically or clearly established evidence. “gain of function” Funding was provided for research by NIH and the U.S.-funded Research are not linked to COVID-19’s emergence. The NIH maintained repeatedly that funding was not provided. to Such research includes boosting the infectivity of a pathogen.

Nonetheless, Fauci In November, he indicated that he would “cooperate fully and testify” It would be great if the Republicans actually followed through with their plans to investigate COVID’s origin.

“I have no trouble testifying — we can defend and explain everything that we’ve said,” He spoke to reporters last year during a briefing at the White House.

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