Trump He won 62% of votes in the straw poll of likely Republican 2024 presidential nominees, and topped Saturday’s straw poll.

In Susan Del Percio (a political analyst for MSNBC) made a Sunday appearance. TrumpRecent years have seen a shift in the focus of this annual gathering. Many key candidates for the Republican 2024 presidential race include former Vice President Mike Pence as well as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, did not appear at this year’s CPACThis event has been a highlight of the year. GOP candidates.

“Sixty-two percent of CPAC in a straw poll is a horrible result for Donald Trump,” Del Percio said on MSNBC. “I mean, this has been dubbed TPAC. This is Donald Trump’s show, and he can only get 62% of his own people.”

That’s not the say Trump’s power in the GOP isn’t there, she added, noting that “all he needs to do is get 35%” Vote “beat everyone else, and it’s winner take all.”

See Del Percio’s analysis on MSNBC, posted by Raw Story, below: