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Having lived in Beijing for almost 12 years, I’ve had plenty of Travel widely and enjoy the time China.

I’ve visited more than 100 cities, not to mention countless towns and villages throughout The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. mainland’s 31 provinces.

Looking back, I’ve come to realize it was my frequent visits to different parts of the Great Wall It was my experiences in Beijing which fueled my passion to travel the world. of Along with the nation, with There are many sections of wall that lie outside the capital’s boundaries.

The Work of the Great Wall began more than 2,500 years ago, its origins dating back to China’s Spring and Autumn Period of Around 770 BCE – 476 BCE. Various sections In subsequent periods, as rival dynasties or factions tried to assert their control, more were added.

In the 17th century, work ceased.

The wall is not one continuous structure but stretches over 21,000 km, passing through 15 provinces and 404 counties.

Certain sections Many parts of the city, which were once extremely popular with tourists, have fallen into disrepair, obscurity and even oblivion.

Whether you’re planning to visit the Great Wall The following places will make any trip to China more memorable, whether it is your first or 50th. The video above shows dramatic aerial footage. of You can find out more about this by clicking here. of These amazing sites.

You can also find out more about the following: Great Wall Towers on mountain peaks or towns with fortifications can also be used as a defense. sections of “wall.”

Turtle City was built during the Ming Dynasty (1138-1644), as part of the Ming Dynasty. of The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Great Wall’s “Yellow River Defense Line,” It was built in 1608, and at its peak it housed 2,000 infantrymen as well as 500 cavalry.

This fortress is situated in Sitan Township of Jingtai County, located in Gansu’s north central province.

While there aren’t many real turtles in the “Turtle City,” Its distinctive shape gave the town its nickname.

The west and east gates act as flippers. The town’s oval wall is the body, while the north gate acts as its tail. As one of the most well-preserved and truly authentic walled cities left in China today, it’s definitely worth your time.

The Jingtai County Centre is the best place to stay. It is possible to visit the ancient city whenever you like, as it is just a 30 minute cab drive away.

When in Jingtai, try local specialties such as the five Buddha tofu and the Jingtai cold mixed noodles – both are spicy vegetarian dishes. A walk through the sprawling night market in Jingtai County People’s Square, which boasts more than 50 snack stalls, is also recommended for adventurous foodies.

How to get there Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu has many high-speed rail connections to and from China’s major cities. Driving to Yongtai Turtle City takes approximately 2.5 hours from Lanzhou’s downtown. From Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, it’s only 1.5 hours (125 kilometers).

The Mutianyu and Jiankou sections of wall are about 25 kilometers in length.

Mutianyu Jiankou has two parts of The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. same Stone Dragon – two contiguous sections of the Great Wall that together stretch for roughly 25 kilometers along Beijing’s mountaintops.

According to historical records, millions of Men spent hundreds of years building the Great Wall. Stand atop the wall at either Mutianyu or Jiankou, and you’ll begin to comprehend the gravity of This statement is true

Two of the most popular and effective ways to improve your business are by using these two sections There are two classic examples. of Ming Dynasty Great Wall It is an experience that will forever change you.

Mutianyu has the best portions of The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. “tourist wall.” Restored in the 1980s, it’s very commercial but also superbly beautiful. If you don’t feel like hiking, you can also take the cable car up to the summit.

The west of Mutianyu Jiankou has a colloquial term of the same name. “wild wall” – no ticket needed and not commercialized. This being said, of In 2020, the local government has begun to frown upon hiking at Jiankou. of Concerns about safety

Mutianyu and Jiankou are less than a 90-minute drive (without traffic) from downtown Beijing, yet it’s highly recommended to enjoy a night in the countryside if time allows.

If dates coincide, it is possible to visit Jiankou for a few nights. with William Lindesay, world-renowned Great Wall The wonderful family of historian and the author The Barracks, The courtyard house is built into the wall.

Accommodations in and around Mutianyu The Brickyard This is an excellent choice.

Shades are a great addition to the fall and spring seasons of the wall’s gray brick contrast with nature’s vibrant colors. Autumn foliage and cherry blossoms in spring make for stunning backgrounds.

For winter sports enthusiasts, there’s skiing and skating next to the Wall You can find them in places not too far away from Mutianyu.

How to get to Mutianyu The restrictions on obtaining a temporary driving permit in China relaxed in September 2019It is possible to rent a vehicle as a tourist from abroad. The international driving licence is not accepted (In China.

Renting a vehicle is another option. with You can hire a car for the day, or you can take the Mutianyu Special Tourism Bus.

How to reach Jiankou It is best to rent a vehicle or book private transportation. A small village like Xizhazi has few buses, so public transportation can take five hours, whereas a car will only take 90 minutes.

This Gothic church was built in 1876.

The village of Bataizi is located just outside the Motianling area of The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Great Wall It is the home of the ruins of The Gothic church was built by the director in 1876. of A German missionary.

In its 150-year existence, the church has suffered numerous damages and repairs. The bell tower is still the only remaining part.

This juxtaposition is also known as of The rammed-earth ruins of the city Great Wall Bataizi is a great place to spend an afternoon or morning.

After finishing your hike along the wall and visiting the church ruins, drop in to the village’s “new” church to say hello to Father Pan; if you speak Chinese, he can answer any questions about the village’s long connection with Catholicism.

Datong, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the Yungang Grottoes will enhance your experience.

Late summer is an ideal time to visit Bataizi, as you’ll see a wonderful contrast between the Great Wall The lush green hills.

How to get there Bataizi Village is 80 kilometers to the west of Datong one of Shanxi province’s largest and most famous cities. Zuoyun County is only 22 kilometers away from Bataizi – about a 35-minute drive.

Datong, China is accessible via high-speed rail or by air. Taxis from Datong’s downtown to Bataizi cost about 300 yuan.

By bus, you can get to Zuoyun and take a taxi from there.

Luxury seekers in Datong will be interested to know that the Yunzhong Traditional Courtyard Hotel is a five-star hotel. Zuoyun County is home to one hotel where foreigners are welcome: Zuoyun Jinshan International. These two hotels can both be booked on hotel booking sites.

Laoniuwan, where the Great Wall and the Yellow River meet.

Laoniuwan, as the locals call it, is the place where the Great Wall And the Yellow River, which is mighty.

Laoniuwan Fortress dates back to 1467. Its most notable tower was constructed in 1515. of The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Great Wall In this area was built the Wanghe Tower, literally meaning River-Watching Tower.

Laoniuwan Village is situated in Pianguan County. of Xinzhou, a city located in Shanxi Province just across the Inner Mongolia river.

Late summer or early fall is a great time to visit, as you’ll avoid the potentially dangerous mountain roads during spring rainstorms, or being uncomfortably cold in a place without great infrastructure.

Then, there is the phrase “Along with” Great WallThere are very few places on the body where this material meets. of water; of All those are stunning, but this one is truly the best.

It is recommended that you take a boat along the river. You’ll be able to soak in the natural beauty of Yellow River Gorge – marvel at its steadfastness of Ancient architects.

Get there:Aoniuwan’s public transportation is not very convenient. The best option is to rent or book a car to take you from Datong to Laoniuwan via Bataizi – this way, you’ll be able to see two incredible locations along the Great Wall In one single trip.

Pianguan, located about an hour away, is the closest city. Pianguan has neither a railway station nor an airport. Arriving by bus is the only way to get there. Shuozhou has a new airport that will open this year, just 140 kilometers away from Laoniuwan.

Simatai's Fairy Tower is a sight to behold.

Building on the Great Wall Simatai was founded in 1373. Throughout the Ming Dynasty, it was continually expanded and reinforced.

Fairy Tower is a great place to start. of The most famous towers of The wall in Simatai, but also another of The least visited because of its accessibility.

Instead, focus on taking in amazing views of The Fairy Tower can be seen from Wangjing Tower, which is only a few hundred metres away. It’s a journey that will satiate even the most adventurous hikers, yet can be done without any ropes, ladders or other essential safety gear.

You can also read about the advantages of using with This section is worth a trip to Mutianyu/Jiankou. of Wall is sure to impress views You can contact us at any time of year. The only thing I can suggest is that you wait until a sunny day, as Wangjing Tower offers a view in all directions.

You will be amazed by the hike up to Fairy Tower of the Northern Barbarians’ supposed determination to reach the capital; the mountains are nearly impassable on foot, let alone by horse, with On either side, there are sheer cliff faces.

This is a world-class hike and a fascinating history lesson.

Hobo Farm offers five-star accommodations and a restaurant with Western and Chinese cuisine. For 4.5 star lodgings with a lower price tag, try Yatou’s Homestay. You can find both on the major booking websites.

How to get there Both the Fairy Tower and Wangjing Tower should be accessed via Tangjiazhai village, located in Beijing’s Miyun district.

Tangjiazhai Village is approximately 140 kilometers away from the center of Beijing depending on how you choose to travel. A private car rental from Beijing is the fastest way to reach the village.

Take a high speed train to the Miyun area and change to a car or taxi there.

Dushikou stand seven meters tall in some spots.

Constructed during the reign of Emperor Jiajing (1507-1567), this single-wall section stands seven meters tall in some spots – no small feat considering it was made by piling stones.

It’s located just across the road from the town of Dushikou, in Chicheng in Hebei province.

Dushikou’s piled stone wall is one of a kind, unlike many others. sections of The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Great Wall The kiln fired bricks used in the construction of this building near Beijing.

Dushikou has its best visit in summer. Specifically, July and August. The rolling hills will be at their best. of The grasslands surrounding the city are at their peak. The cool evenings are perfect for outdoor bonfires and barbecues.

You’ll be able to find clean and comfortable farmhouse lodgings in Dushikou town; alternatively, Chicheng, 45 minutes away, has a range of Choose from a wide range of hotels

The roast leg of lamb and kebabs on skewers of Lamb is a specialty in this region. of Hebei lies very near the border with Inner Mongolia. Try the delicious oat noodles.

How to get there Due to the extensive infrastructure constructed for the Winter Olympics in 2022, driving to Dushikou is now only about two hours long. Take a bus or taxi from Beijing’s Liuliqiao Transport Center to Chicheng, and travel 45 minutes to Dushikou.

Public transport will typically take an additional one to two hours compared with private cars.