Hong Kong
The Sunday Review

To least A car that was being driven through the intersection caused it to accelerate and cause injuries. 13 people were also hurt. pedestrians at A intersection in The southern Chinese center of Guangzhou will be closed on Wednesday evening according to state media.

The vehicle was seen plowing through videos that circulated on social media, and were geolocated to The Sunday Review. pedestrians Two separate crossings in The four-way intersection in One of the most prestigious and bustling areas in this city of 19,000,000.

Another online video appears to show the driver pulling up to the side of a road and throwing a couple of dollars out his vehicle.

Local officials claimed that police had arrested the suspects. “controlled” Further investigation began into the case of the driver (a Guangdong man aged 22).

This happened in rush hour at 5When there are many cars, bikes, and scooters at :25 pm pedestrians It could also be seen while driving.

Local authorities confirmed that police and medical staff responded immediately to the scene.

A reference to an eyewitness in China News Service reports that the vehicle was plowed through. pedestrians at The junction was completed without any further stops.

While the incident was reported by China’s official media, it was not among trending topics on the country’s heavily controlled social media platform Weibo on Thursday morning.